• Was bored, stole this off someone else (hehe)

    14 Oct 2008, 1:08 de Pirokinetiks

    I got bored, So sue me.

    Questions about your most listened to artists.

    1. How did you get into 29? (Jimmy Eat World)
    Got given a CD by a mate, loved Bleed American and wanted more.

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22? (Angels and Airwaves)
    The Adventure

    3. What’s your favorite lyric by 33? (José Gonzalez)
    Love is a verb, Love is a doing word.

    4. What is your favorite album by 46? (The Shins)
    Oh, Inverted world

    5. How many albums by 13 do you own? (Pendulum)
    Two of em. 'Hold your colour' and 'In Silico'

    6. What is your favorite song by 50? (The Beautiful Girls)
    La Mar(The Ocean)

    7. Is there a song by 39 that makes you sad? (Morgan Page)
    Nope, not really.

    8. What is your favorite album by 15? (Gorillaz)
    Clint Eastwood

    9. What is your favorite song by 4? (Newton Faulkner)
    Hmm, either All I Got or People Should Smile More

    10. Is there a song by 6 that makes you happy? (Lifehouse)
    Definitely, You and Me.

  • Opportunity

    2 Nov 2007, 16:43 de thewisedragon

    Dream yourself along another day, never miss opportunity. Don't be scared of what you cannot see, your only fear is possibility, never wonder what the hell went wrong, your second chance may never come along...

    Pete Murray See The Sun Opportunity

    Life is filled with opportunities, yet most people miss them. Keep your eyes open and your life will flower.
  • Top Fifty Quiz.

    1 Nov 2007, 23:34 de haylz320

    1. How did you get into 29? (The Sleepy Jackson)
    Ben Lee hosted a program (I think it was when he took over Channel V's WhatUWant in 2005ish) and he played the "Good Dancers" video, and I really liked it. I downloaded some more of their stuff and yeah..."the rest is history"...

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22? (Eskimo Joe). Well, since I can remember I've had "From the Sea", except I didn't know who it was by (and this was back in the day when I was about ten and had no idea how to find out the artist). So, I guess it was ""From the Sea".

    3. What's your favorite lyric by 33? (Jesse McCartney - lol how sad). Ummm possibly in "Because You Live"...
    "Because you live
    I have everything I need to survive".
    I'm a sucker for cute lyrics.

    4. What is your favorite album by 49? (My Chemical Romance). hmmm...I really like "Welcome To The Black Parade". …
  • Stevie's Fav Songs Of 2006

    3 Ene 2007, 19:39 de RobsesseD

    Ahh it's that time of the year again, where i choose my fav songs of the year, this year was easy, well most of it was, the songs that just had more emotion, were more intense then the others were included, again there were alot of songs i loved, loved singing along to, loved dancing along to, but didnt really have any emotion, i didnt make it about someone or a situation, so it wasn't included, all these songs are included because of something that happened, be it the song reminds me of someone, reminds me of a memory, something i was doing when i first heard the song, when i play each track, im taken back to that part of the year, most of the songs are the singles, i remember in 2005 i think alot of them were bsides or just other tracks on the album, but this time i think around 80 percent if not more are singles that were released, they were the most appealing, and i guess more situations are easier when its mainstream


    01. Love Generation