• my tags explained – starting with *my coffee kick*

    15 Ene 2006, 16:28 de lgsunshine

    My most inclusive and random tag. This is the tag I use for exploration. How does something get added?

    It most likely comes from clicking around on the site - a group connection, a friend/neighbour, my pony, something that I came across and want to hear more or maybe someone has made a recommendation. It is also the tag that I change the most.

    How I use it - Usually, I give something quite a few listens. An artist will grow on me. Or I think that I like something only to realize the music has no staying power. On the rare occasion, I will go in and take it off the tag on my first listen. I also mix in artists that I enjoy, but my radio doesn’t play or play enough. So not all the music is completely new to me - maybe just new to the lgsunshine radio.

    A few things that are on now:
    Amy Winehouse – so far, I like what I’ve heard
    Bajofondo Tango Club – just added
    Big Boss Man – again, I like what I’ve heard so far