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Papa Roach

Between Angels And Insects (3:02)


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  • only obsession
  • this song, the movie and the book had a big impact on my 11-year old self.
  • Prowler - Iron Maiden riff.
  • Fight Club <3
  • Моя любовь:)
  • sounds so raw, real Papa Roach
  • Muito louca essa musica
  • Once I ate a Madagascar Cocroach 'cause of this video, ( those good days )
  • some month ago i heard this one while cruising around with my friend (on his car radio). Man, that was such a nice feeling hearing this song after years!
  • they unfortunately r unable 2 heed their own insights
  • the things u own end-up owning .... u
  • I love them...
  • The lyrics are really good, straight up shit about how this place works. I dunno why it seems papa roach have tried to play generic crap on a lot of their later songs. Back when rubbish like puddle of mudd and limp bizkit were running their dumb mouths off on mtv2, something with actual awareness and emotion was hip too. The bass is nice, also rare for the nu metal era.
  • Great song, its too bad this is the censored version.
  • Still Mega
  • ..♥
  • back when they were good. [2]
  • good song
  • also, Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck. That should do it.
  • back when they were good.
  • моя первая песня
  • nice one p roach! :D
  • In my opinion their best song.
  • video for this song was badass! good times
  • По мтв раньше крутили все время
  • Memories!
  • Such a god damn tune
  • Great Lyrics. But this is not some kind of hypocrisy, to hear these words from man who is reach?
  • Great live.....
  • Oh yes
  • Anyone else realize half the lyrics are lines from Fight Club? [3]
  • Trapped between Heaven and Hell.
  • Tejk maj monej, tejk maj poześjen, tejk maj obseśjen, i donnid det siet...
  • mega nutka:]
  • one of their heavier songs \m/
  • Wasn't into them as a kid, but I have to admit, they made some decent tunes.
  • Anyone else realize half the lyrics are lines from Fight Club? [2]
  • thumbs up
  • супер!
  • meh
  • people hatiinnngg..i dont need that SHIT
  • mega .
  • i second steven_nzl's comment
  • terrible
  • I wants me a nice hug :3
  • Mega
  • Fuck your money, fuck your possession, fuck your obsession, I don't need that shit!!!


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