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  • the new one is really expansive.
  • New album is amazing, best for years imo!
  • new album is sikkk
  • Technicans of the sacred is true masterpiece
  • New album is such an amazing music brilliant indeed ................. BOOM :)
  • As great as ALL their albums are up to Curious Corn, I have problems with that album. Oolite Grove and Afroclonk are wonderful, but songs like Meander, Spyroid or the title track sound uninspiring for me (in parts, so it's hard for me to enjoy those songs) and the sound doesn't impress me. But fortunately on The Hidden Step and Waterfall Cities I hear them back to great form as I like or love all songs on them. Those are my most recent albums of them I have, I dunno where to go from there. One of my most favourite bands of all time by the way.
  • love early erpland and jurassic albums best - more rocky methinks - lov 'em all the same
  • new album is well enough , and even more :]
  • New album is as spacy as ever!
  • Yesterday I heard this band for the very first time and I am impressed. Good stuff
  • The new album is pretty damn good. Ozrics rule the Universe!
  • Loving the new album so far! Awesome feels and chill tunes in the beginning. Cheers for Ozrics!
  • The new album is pretty amazing. Their best in many years! Buy it and support these crazy sonic soundscapers!
  • my great expectation from technicians was to listen some dub stuff 'cause we have so many years to hear ..anyway i am realizing that this thinks belongs to the past(at least for the studio recordings) ...from the other hand so chill and relaxing vibes, very good continuity of paper monkeys..
  • Superb new album as expected.
  • Wonderful album!
  • New album is amazing.
  • I have a spare ticket for the London show - £10
  • new album rulez!! 10/10
  • mind blowing
  • Me too, I saw them live last Tuesday.. Best concert in my life!
  • I have listened to them 2 days ago live, one of the best concerts in my life, really magical experience
  • Mmmm! Chewier!
  • If you like the Ozrics, you might also enjoy this band:!/album/Incredible+Good+Fortune/10088341
  • You know that feeling when you've just discovered a band that's just perfect for you...
  • New double album "Technicians of The Sacred", will released on May 11th, 2015 !!
  • Awesomeness..... brilliant works indeed
  • My forever love, Ozric Tentacles. <3
  • D
  • i gotta get high while listening to the Eternal wheel album...
  • trippin
  • ka-boom
  • blown
  • Aww my godness, you are just a good old trance in a rock version.
  • Good.
  • They blew up Brooklyn last night + they are the nicest people on earth
  • it's so easy to get addicted to the Ozrics :D with no doubts
  • the trippiest band ever...interesting to see how they still experiment and going through new dimensions... just to imagine a gig by them somewhere on a meadow next to a deep forest, and u just dance to their music around fire
  • Wonder what their new album will be like if there is one.
  • This band has a Spyro on it.
  • 2014 Ozora! Can't wait! :D <3
  • So good it's almost ridiculous
  • I think my favorite Ozric Tentacles CDs are Erpland and Arborescence.
  • 30th anniversary tour was magickal for sure!
  • Saw them two nights ago. It was bloody excellent.
  • Interesting how Spotify has tagged several of Mayhem's songs as being by this band..
  • Great concert yesterday in Zagreb, thank you for coming and keep up doing beautifull music :)
  • Awesome show yesterday, hope to see u soon again!
  • ~ 30th Aniversary Tour dates and info can be found here on the Ozrics site : ... European gigs kick off in Bristol on the 10th of October then include : Holland, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Poland before coming back to Britain ... Poole, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester, London, Birmingham and Glasgow! ~ Be sure to pre-book via the links provided on-site and show Full Support! ~ This Seriously promises to be a Wicked tour! :) :) :)


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