• You think you're a lover hu?

    27 Ene 2014, 20:05 de Selena1995

    Otis Redding & Carla Thomas are the newest artists to enter the top 50 with their song Tramp. Congrats you two :)
  • Tramp Otis just a tramp

    19 Ene 2013, 20:48 de Selena1995

    Otis Redding & Carla Thomas are the latest artists to hit the 100th club with their song Tramp. Congrats guys.
  • A Brief History Of...Southern Soul

    29 Ene 2008, 0:42 de BadgerJohn31

    The description and playlist below are from the weekly radio show (A Brief History Of…) that my friend and I host on WSUM 91.7fm Madison (the college radio station). We selected songs we felt were either historically important or just representative of each specific topic. Please comment if you feel we missed something or just to give your opinion. Remember, however, that we do this show in an hour (about 50 minutes of music). Track length is a major factor in our decisions (shorter is usually better). Thanks!

    A Brief History of…Southern Soul looks at Motown’s socially and emotionally expressive counterpart that emanated from Memphis, Nashville, and Muscle Shoals in the 1960s. The overarching theme of the show is the strong connection of Southern Soul to its roots in earlier African-American music. The first portion of the show describes the primary themes of this more lyrically free form of soul music. It also illustrates the rougher sound of Stax and Muscle Shoals records during the peak period of Southern Soul. …