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  • This song, probably my favourite. It's so brutal.
  • This song crushes, and is interesting. It definitely doesn't seem 9 minutes long.
  • Pure awesomeness. [3]
  • six minutes in.. holy shit
  • My brain is dripping out o my nose right now.
  • Amazing song
  • Pure awesomeness. [2]
  • Hol y nine mintues and twenty_niine seconds< BaTman...
  • Origin's definitive song. Dem Arpeggios.
  • sick as tits
  • Mindblowing song... especially live!
  • utterly crushing
  • Pure awesomeness.
  • This song is beyond all awesomity. And it's quite awesome that band like Origin could do song this long without it getting boring or even without using too much of the same riffs
  • best technical solo and ending...beautiful song [2]
  • Favorite Origin song by far, fuckin brutal
  • I am become death... The destroyer of worlds \m/ \m/
  • best technical solo and ending...
  • beautiful song
  • Slays for days.
  • incredible. easily one of the only good things to ever come out of kansas.
  • yes, watching them pull this off live absolutely killed me
  • that song is sooo fucking epic, i almost jerked off when i saw origin performing this song live!
  • Amazing technical death metal that isn't just wank.
  • fucking mammoth
  • un fucking believable
  • This is crushing!
  • Man that solo could've been sick...instead their guitarist just showed the world that he has no comprehension of what phrasing means. Can we get Jarzombek to do that over for them?
  • This is not grindcore.
  • This song rivals Nile in its epicness. \m/
  • kicks so much ass
  • ear sex
  • haha that was fun!
  • now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds
  • FUCK!!!! This tune is a monster. Sickest ending!
  • Damn. LastFM has the best metal streams on the web. Pandora can't touch this. + Hate Eternal Radio and + Decapitated radio. I can't get shit done, I just want to listen and study some death metal. Oh, and Origin runs shit.
  • III? you mean "illogical incomprehensible ineptitude?". man i rock, go look those works up, it actually makes sense!
  • The beginning riff juices me the fuck up. Good shit.
  • this song is love
  • That solo sucks, as does the rest of the album. Give me III any day over this crap.
  • hellz yeah! to the people who think this album is their weakest, listen to the solo, in its full, 2 minute glory, at the end of this track. THEN you can talk shit about this album, but believe me, you wont!
  • wonderfully brutal
  • this song is awesome <3
  • Br00tal and kvlt.
  • QUE BUENA BANDA¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
  • You're so heavy !
  • I had to hold onto something when listening to this. The first 7 minutes blew me against the fucking wall, then the remaining time left of the song was ultimately beautiful. Those solos are used so well. Fucking godly..!


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