• Lunar Hypnosis Interview Archive, Part IV

    6 Ene 2009, 1:51 de JJM1

    As some of you know (and probably don't care) my long standing internet 'zine Lunar Hypnosis has come to and end and will soon be disappearing from the internet completely. Since a lot of interesting and possibly entertaining interviews were conducted over the years I thought I'd post some of them hear rather than letting them disappear into oblivion. As for the reviews maybe I'll post them on metal archives or something. Along came Part IV of the interview archive...

    Interview with Jenny of Omnia
    July 8, 2004

    JJM: Greetings Jenny! How are things going for you and the band these days?
    Jenny: We're very busy, but that's a good thing. The summer is a busy period for us; we perform at lots of different festivals in Europe (Holland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg...).
    JJM: Since Omnia is still a rather new band could you tell our readers a little bit about the formation of the band, its members, and the music you play?
    J: OMNIA is Sic, Luka and Jenny. …