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  • Avatar de Ambersmoke
    emo 4 life
  • Avatar de satiricals
    request denied
  • Avatar de the_rocknrollah
    emo faggots can fuck themselves!
  • Avatar de satiricals
    v honestly
  • Avatar de cookedbacon
    doom metal orchid can fuck the fuck off for stealing the name of a legendary band
  • Avatar de rou_iden
    zaebis huyaryat
  • Avatar de Fluorian
    who tf cares about that doom metal band
  • Avatar de Salvolution
    You guys it's not the doom band's fault. They really did think the name 'Orchid' was original because they think its 1973 and don't know what the internet is, only what Black Sabbath sounds like.
  • Avatar de trustmeineedu
    This shoutbox goes well with popcorn
  • Avatar de Pseudodawg
    This shoutbox is pretty cool
  • Avatar de Dnlphnv
    @squirelle121, 'Daïtro' perfect name
  • Avatar de squirelle121
    so, who is gonna start a doom band named pg. 99 with me. I was also thinking maybe calling it neil perry but I don't know??
  • Avatar de Ambiverted
    only here for the tremendously great screamo band
  • Avatar de Humr13
    @jankiel665 go eat children, burn churches and worship satan. We're listing stupid stereotypes, right?
  • Avatar de yoursenpai
    @yoursenpai repost u menya toje ded umir, stoner hueta
  • Avatar de yoursenpai
    @jankiel665 sosi g@y
  • Avatar de Dnlphnv
    @jankiel665, idi nahui otsyudova.
  • Avatar de jankiel665
    Fuck screamo shit, only stoner [3] Emoshitheads go and make world better, kill yourselves
  • Avatar de yoursenpai
    ставь лоцк если стонер орчиды для пидорасов, а тру пацаны слушают скрамз орчидов. репост если дед в магиле.
  • Avatar de iamsocreative
    fuck only, stoner shit screamo
  • Avatar de cookedbacon
    screamo stoner fuck, shit only
  • Avatar de Dnlphnv
    Only skramz.
  • Avatar de yoursenpai
    skramz orchid
  • Avatar de gwynplaine1928
    Fuck screamo shit, only stoner. (2)
  • Avatar de AirnSpace
    Fuck shit, screamo and stoner. They're both good genres fam.
  • Avatar de bibledaze
    greatest screamo band of all time, hands down
  • Avatar de MrObstacle1
    stoner screamo, shit fuck only
  • Avatar de Trveheimer
    fuck stoner only, shit screamo
  • Avatar de kayto1996
    only screamo,stoner fuck shit
  • Avatar de m449
    Fuck only screamo, stoner shit
  • Avatar de Humr13
    Fuck stoner screamo, only shit.
  • Avatar de jaderfuck
    Fuck screamo shit, only stoner.
  • Avatar de Dnlphnv
    Fuck stoner shit, only screamo.
  • Avatar de Humr13
    Yeah, I would hate to have a kid listening or worse playing in a Sabbath revival.
  • Avatar de ggallin8
    wtf vv
  • Avatar de CommandoBurzum
    You create your child with all the love and affection to end like this, playing shit or worse listen to this shit ....
  • Avatar de introvertical
    Chao is Me is incredible. Unfortunately their other albums don't seem to do much for me
  • Avatar de otsukaretimu
    The screamo band was pretty damn good. i even brought the one 7" I have by them to Japan. The stoner doom band is pretty much one note off on each song from being a Black Sabbath band.
  • Avatar de Tobbetheone
    I like the orchid with broken hearts
  • Avatar de MonkyMercenary
    When Spotify shuffled to "Helicopters" I thougt i was listening to Sabbath... awesome stuff!
  • Avatar de cryptic-death
    2013 was a rough year for me...
  • Avatar de DougIsaac
    I like doom metal, but have never listened to the doom orchid. But the punk orchid is one of the best hardcore bands ever, so if you're reading this and are a fan of any type of extreme music (may it be metal, hardcore, whatever) check the screamo orchid out. You may be pleasantly surprised.
  • Avatar de necro_daemon
    I really like a lot of stoner/doom as I love real screamo/emoviolence but you fans of doom Orchid have to understand that the emo Orchid is much older than the doom Orchid, which means they were much more original when choosing the band's name. And stop basing critical to lastfm band names system on sexist/homophobic/musical conservative arguments, respect other people's music. Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Brazil. Hugs.
  • Avatar de Trveheimer
    well I'm a stoner myself and actually into stoner/doom stuff. but black sabbath without ozzy is just never good. want good stonerdoom? get the new windhand. btw a "Sir Smoke-A-Lot" who is using the superlative "one of the best live bands", capslock, and multiple exclamation marks talks about primitive and sensless comments. SO DEEP BRO !!!!
  • Avatar de Chao-G
    I won't pay to watch a band live if their music is something I can come up with while randomly jamming pentatonic scales with high gain and a fuzz pedal.
  • Avatar de Sir_Smokealot
    Orchid (doom) is one of the BEST LIVE Bands i´ve ever seen and they are for sure the nicest Dudes EVER backstage and so on!!!!! And the Sound is incredible especially LIVE !!! I really love every LP from em. So pls shut up with fuck stoners and so on if you have no clue!!!! primitive senseless comment really...
  • Avatar de realcyndre
    the doom band clearly wanted an un-original name to match their incredibly un-original sound [4]
  • Avatar de Saetiah
    fuck stoner
  • Avatar de L_xck
    so fucking amazing stoner doom band
  • Avatar de ieatmidgets
    lol bter to kno real gang signs instead of namin ur rap metal album after a fake set


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