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Proyecto en solitario de uno de los miembros del duo industrial/EBM canadiense Skinny Puppy. El sonido de ohGr tienen una tendencia más melódica y accesible que el de su proyecto principal.

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  • Hearing the new Prodigy song Wall of Death and Rebel Radio, reminded me of how great SunnyPsyOp and Welt were
  • Devils in my Details will always be my favorite <3
  • Hearing the new Prodigy song [track artist=The Prodigy]Wall of Death[/track] reminded me of how great SunnyPsyOp and Welt were.
  • Na-a-ah.
  • ohGr sounds from the first two album are unique to this project... but later works blur in with Skinny Puppy and vice versa for recent Puppy works.
  • On the contrary, while your comment weakly attempts to flatter me, it's bloody annoying to see starstruck nin fanboys / girls drooling over him in every shoutbox that's Skinny Puppy related. Obsessed much? Stop dickriding.
  • Man, bEATWEAKer is so obsessed with Trent Reznor. He's constantly making cute nicknames for him and talks about him in dozens of shoutboxes all over It's so cute.
  • Sucks for you. Nobody cares. Go dickride spent leznor in his own shoutbox.
  • can i like ministry, revco, nin, skuppy and ogre all at the same time? i like nin mostly though.
  • DIMD > unDeveloped > SunnypPsyOp > Welt. I think unDeveloped is REALLY good, it sounds a little more like SP compared to the other releases. But DIMD has a special place in my heart.

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