• hxcmp3.com top31 tracks (4/13/04)

    20 May 2010, 20:40 de xbris

    According to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, On March 17th, 2004, this is what the website hxcmp3.com looked like. And according the the great internet wayback wizard of the internets, here lies an account of The Top 100 Songs Listed by Total Plays (streams + downloads) as of the above date. If you weren't around for hxc.mp3 i'll let the site explain:

    With over 30,000 hardcore bands and tens of thousands of active listeners HXCMP3.com is THE source for hardcore MP3 downloads. We love hardcore. HXCMP3 is for the music, the people, the content, the heart, the breakdown and the community within hardcore. We strive to lend a free hand towards every hxc artist, with hopes of helping out, furthering and adding fans by making free audio distribution available. You know... hxc for the masses. Thanks for visiting. That being said, on or about April 13th, 2004, I had the genius idea of stream ripping the entire site so i could listen to the top 100 tracks of the site in my hard-corsica (RIP). …