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Orbital Elements (5:21)


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  • Beginning of the track almost like Dream Theater.
  • As the song starts, I wonder how Opeth made it into my playlist.
  • Obscura!! \m/
  • Nobody does it for me quite like Obscura. A lot of try-hard prog metal bands out there could really learn from these guys.
  • Never gets old.
  • So fucking awesome..
  • totally penetration of the sound
  • @makethemdieslow....Actually this song came up for me on Opeth station so HA! and they are similar in the fact that both are progressive metal.
  • Yes, Jeroen Paul Thesseling is amazing.. Sadly he quit the band :(
  • That bass makes me wet, and I'm a dude.
  • This how Perfection would sound if it was a song
  • @makethemdieslow At many points (in this song at least) these guys have a similar groove, similar drum tone and style, generally similar construction of guitar melodic lines (but much more busy here and a little more chaotic of an aesthetic). Not to mention the prominent bass and growl vocals you already mentioned. There is a lot more in common between Obscura and Opeth than with Obscura and, say, The Faceless (or insert whatever band you so choose). Stop being a metal snob and look at the big picture...
  • fucking \m/
  • There's a part in this song that reminds me of Megadeth.
  • what a jam
  • bass in this track makes me cry ;)
  • this shit is fuckin bad ass !
  • Opeth is BEST . . . [-1] I think you're on the wrong station, comrade. Besides semi-prominent bass and growls, there's no relation...
  • fuuuuuuck the bass is just beautiful
  • bass basss basssssssss
  • Orbital Elements \,,/,
  • Opeth is BEST . . .
  • The fucking BASS!!! <3
  • Great song.
  • @los_garrador *cough* cause it's fretless! *cough* lol
  • pretty good stuff, it's good without it just being a bunch of filler. i need to listen this band more, i've heard only good things about them. very unique bass sound too, I'm diggin it.
  • wow.... this song is amazing!
  • awesome song. very creative. the bass tone is similar to that of Quo Vadis, which is a great thing.
  • If you like this style, you may check [artist]Exivious[/artist] ! This bass solo is so wonderfull !!!
  • Muy buena!!!!!!
  • Voice of the Soul by Death. Same riff.
  • Great track.
  • everyone who likes this song should check out [artist]!T.O.O.H.![/artist]
  • Yes, definite Metallica vibe there. In a good way.
  • Good track.
  • Bassisten die die Welt braucht.
  • This one reminds me a bit The Call Of Ktulu. Anyway it's a really intense instrumental \m/
  • Talented guys! Keep it comin'!!!
  • The start really reminds me of Sabbath's Spiral Architect... and yeah, sick bass haha
  • nice song just beautifull !
  • amazing
  • this song is so fucking beautiful, I love it
  • really good
  • <333333333333333
  • wow !! \m/
  • Amazing.
  • The Best
  • YES! The BASS!

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