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  • właśnie ich odkryłam. Lepiej późno niż wcale. ;-)
  • i've missed them dearly. hearing the curse of marjorie again for the first time is amazing
  • Had an interview with Nurses recently. Spoke about Jodorsky's Dune, immortal influences and for those wondering about new material they gave some insight into some details about what is on the horizon including a working title reveal for their fourth LP. -
  • insuportável a voz esganiçada e fininha do vocalista; ele deveria repensar a carreira; acho que daria um bom dublador de desenho animado
  • This band deserves so much love.
  • if anyone could give me Apple's Acre, that would be sickkkkk
  • For what it is worth, I loved Apples Acre but loved Dracula even more. Still, can not wait for a new album.
  • Apple's Acre is by far their best work, Dracula was kind of a disappointment considering how much I loved AA. Any news on a follow up?
  • Hangin' Nothin' But Our Hands Down has the most guts.
  • pelasego on a tour and come to amtserdam
  • hangin' is still the best. found it years ago, still best. apples' acre was pretty lame... going to check out dracula now.
  • torrent? does anyone have torrent for this?
  • i think the lead singer is retarded.
  • come to indonesia.ahak!
  • hmm, this band had an interesting cabaret style on the first cd. My question is, what happened to it?
  • come to indonesia.ahak!
  • @fstorr you a bitch
  • @mamerena Sure, here's a link to their latest album:
  • anyone got a download link cant find their shit anywhere
  • Nurses offers the best of classic pop: arresting melodies and hooks joined with bouncy grooves. Read more about their new release on Groovemine, PLUS FREE MP3s: “Trying to Reach You” & “Fever Dreams HERE:
  • Saw them in Denton Texas and they were awesome!! I do think Apple is the better album but Dracula has some absolutely stunning songs.
  • I absolutely love Apple's Acre! But this new one Dracula... sounds boring, too safe. Nothing interesting to hear. It's like one of those paint by number paintings. It took zero guts to record this. I'm still gonna see them live when they come to town.
  • I hope they continue to still play their older stuff live I saw them two years ago with tallest man and they were perfect. But yeaaaa the newstuff sadly isn't anything stand out :(
  • "Even if it isn’t quite as organically endearing as their past work, Dracula successfully retains the same sensational personality that’s made them such a must-hear act."
  • "Dracula" rubs me the wrong way, unfortunately. It just seems like a somebody decided to pocket their integrity to hitch a ride on this current audible indie-pop trend for some extra publicity.
  • Dracula is the first I've heard of Nurses and it's awesome. Really solid album.
  • New album sounds great at first listen!!
  • I can, and pretty good it is too :)
  • really can't get into this new album...ugh
  • Please tour Europe!!!
  • There's something awesome about the new one, I can't put my finger on it, but I like
  • new album ;)))
  • if you haven't heard "Sweet So Sleeping" from their Daytrotter Sessions, CHECK IT.
  • When will there be a new album? ? ? <3
  • Are they still together? I remember seeing them twice when I was 15 and was awestruck by them. They were really nice guys too.
  • danielson family?
  • Prefer Hangin' but I havent given Apple's Acre too many listens
  • some songs are straight reminiscent of the blood brothers WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT
  • at least "hangin'..." had some character- albeit scatter-brained, apple's acre is one of the dullest albums I've heard in a while, Lita had some serious potential though.
  • check out hoop dreams, side project featuring two of the guys from nurses, and submit a video interpretation to one of their tracks... see here:
  • Caterpillar Playground is just beautiful
  • need more!
  • Oh Lita.
  • Interview with John
  • fantastic performance at end of the road at the weekend.
  • John and Aaron are hilarious guys, I wouldn't doubt if they wrote the bio themselves.
  • New song!
  • 2nd MWhipple. played a shitty-ass venue too. awesome guys. im so glad theyre getting mroe attention recently (ish).


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