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AKA... Broken Arrow
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

AKA... Broken Arrow


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  • awesome
  • Even alone does not lose the Oasis style
  • beautiful
  • Awsome.
  • "She comfort me and ease my trouble mind."
  • @musics_my_radar I knew I wasn't crazy, this is a Wonderwall spin off! Which is fine by me, since the track is fucking amazing.
  • Sherlock, anyone? The best song off the album.
  • The close cousin of "Part of The Queue". [2] Which is great, I love that sound
  • Nothing fancy but still so damn great. (2) YES ! This!
  • The close cousin of "Part of The Queue".
  • Because ppl can't tag they're songs right
  • How the fuck is this the least listened to song on the album?! Criminal!
  • What a song?
  • I love the chorus to death!
  • Great tune.
  • I know it's musically just a sequel to Wonderwall but I really love the chorus, very nice melody here, typical Noel really
  • When I'm lost and I'm lonely, that's not going to ease my troubled mind.
  • sounds great. beatiful lyrics by Noel
  • best of the album
  • You can totally hear some of Travis's "Eyes Wide Open" in this. Love it.
  • that's fucking amazing song, love at 1st listening
  • if i die in a dream, then let me live my life
  • Truly amazing. The chorus is beautiful
  • beautiful song
  • Nothing fancy but still so damn great.
  • one of the best on the album
  • great song.
  • Favourite song on the album
  • btw, intro reminds me of Travis a bit, but it's still nice
  • Amazing, so far the best from Noel's solo project.
  • marvellous chorus
  • i can sort of hear the similarities between this and part of the queue, but come on you guys, this song is SO much better
  • Saying it's Part of the Queue Pt. 2 is an extreme extrapolation...
  • brilliant. just brilliant.
  • part of the queue
  • "What a powerful chorus...yeah..." this. on this record Noel scored more anthemic songs than on some of the Oasis albums. Maybe they won't be recognised as that by general public (but who knows?) but these choruses (Dream On, Record Machine, What a Life!, Broken Arrow) just beg for a singalong on top of your lungs.
  • What a powerful chorus...yeah...
  • Great!
  • my favourite.
  • Love the melancholic lyrics and the tune is awesome as hell.
  • Smells like Wonderwall.
  • one of my faves so far. really like it.
  • Its got a little bit of a connection to POTQ, as Lenny Castro is prob on this. Its not a pt 2 though. I seriously love POTQ, and this is a better tune.
  • Part Of The Queue? Because it has percussion other than drums?
  • fantastic
  • Part of the Queue pt 2? [2]
  • Wow. Was not expecting anything from this song since we didn't hear that much about it. Amazing.
  • Second post, Noel Fuckin' Gallagher
  • awesome.

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