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  • Great music.
  • glad they back together
  • I really like them! :)
  • Great music. Too bad that I could buy only a "JCB" album. iTunes and Amazon digital downloads are not available in my country :(.
  • There's a new Nizlopi EP on sale on iTunes EVERYONE BUY IT! Support the spirit of Nizlopi
  • Such a wonderful little songs from them.. could put in pockets while its still winter but they are so waiting for the spring to come out :)
  • anyone know where i can get "all my life" ?
  • damm, thankfully I saw them live, but they were never appreciated as they should've been.
  • love rage on!
  • im glad i got to see them before they split
  • Gutted :(
  • aw no! :(
  • Aaaaaaaaarghgh. WHY didn't they come to Holland first.
  • One of my favourite artists.....exceptionally great sounds and lyrics
  • dang! i hate it when i discover a band after theyve broken up.
  • I'm genuinely quite sad about this :(
  • Oh noes! Nizlopi announced today that after a year long hiatus they are breaking up.
  • @Mikestoke - I agree. HTSAAY is an incredible album, as is MIH, but people think of JCB and dismiss's a shame because both albums are amazing.
  • check this out -->
  • If anyone has "All My Life" can you please send it to me? :)
  • These guys are fantastic, it's a shame about the JCB song, I personally adored it but I think it annoyed a lot of people and as such put them off the band.
  • It's been exactly a year since their last UK gig... Come back!!
  • They´re nice..
  • C'mon guys...make us some new music and start showing up @Het Paard in The Hague please ! :)
  • Life changing music! It's as simple as that.
  • I miss them so much! I hope they decide to make music again :D
  • Dont get enough credit really. first album is fantastic, be great to shapin up the charts abit with 'jcb' not number one
  • a happy singing girl because of you!
  • Extra-ordinary
  • great band :}
  • sweet music I agree! Just sweet
  • the best!
  • So incredibly amazing, I heard about them on a blog..listened and was hooked.
  • struggling musician/producer/temp worker you may also like
  • extraordinary...?
  • I miss them.
  • one of my favourites..
  • found this band thru JCB song, like everyone else,bought the first album on the strength of it and was blown away.saw them support billy bragg a while back and guess what? they're brilliant live act too!
  • Cant believe it, First heard these in the "Early Learning Centre" and thought they were Scouting for Girls...... Had to do a Lyric search to find out who they realy were. Could get into these in a big way!
  • They cant hear you, you know that..
  • I like all your songs but JCB the best!
  • fucking amazing. simple.
  • I wish they hadn't gotten famous off JCB, their songs are beautiful, especially JCB, but a lot of people just think they are a joke band =/ Saw you guys at Sheep Music and Under Green Hill, Immense!!!
  • why havent i heard this before
  • Glastonbury :)
  • i'm luke, i'm five and my dad's bruce lee, drives me round in his JCB (:
  • Extraordinary:D
  • = )
  • Just came across "JCB" the other day again and had a listen. It really is a great song, listening to it a lot again. Very moving lyrics.


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