• Let's Rock it Again

    18 Jul 2014, 13:03 de RadioJammor

    Sat 12 Jul – Let's Rock Southampton

    The last of this year's Let's Rock concerts was held for the first time in Southampton, on Southampton Common, as part of the city's 50th anniversary of being awarded city status. After this event, it may well return.

    Southampton Common, unlike Ashton Court, which was Let's Rock Bristol's venue last month, is centrally located within Southampton, and therefore both relatively easy to get to and away from. There are public transport routes and park and ride options were put to good use, but there were plenty of locals who could just walk.

    The day was hot and sunny and there was no mud; factors that probably made a difference to the level of crowd enjoyment being so high.

    Having attended Bristol, I did note that the same crews and security were at work. The event was again hosted by Dave Benson Phillips, with the occasional co-hosting presence of Pat Sharp.

    The same backing band members (aka The House Band) were also in evidence. …
  • Bands I've Seen Live

    21 Mar 2010, 20:33 de cruz992

    The venues are in San Francisco, Ca unless noted. Will add comments later. If you have comments, just message me or give me a shout.

    Acetone 11.24.93 Slim's
    Adamski 6.27.90 I-Beam
    American Music Club 5.3.93 Slim's
    Armoured Saint Central Park Bandshell La Palma,Ca
    The Auteurs 4.22.93 Paradise Lounge
    Beachwood Sparks Bottom Of The Hill
    Beachwood Sparks Slim's
    Beat Farmers 8.11.90 Slim's(First Set)
    Beck 4.18.94 Slim's
    Adrian Belew 9.16.89 Jones Beach Amphitheatre Wantagh,NY
    Adrian Belew 9.17.89 Garden State Arts Center Holmdel,NJ
    The Bel-Fires LA Street Scene LA,Ca
    Belly 4.13.93 Slim's(First Show)
    Bettie Serveert 10.17.93 Great American Music Hall
    Bettie Serveert 4.6.93 Club Oasis San Jose,Ca
    Bettie Serveert The Fillmore
    Beulah Bimbo's
    The Black Watch 2.17.94 Bottom Of The Hill
    Blake Babies 2.11.91 Slim's
    Blood on the Saddle LA Street Scene LA,Ca
    Blow-Up The Roxy Hollywood,Ca
    The Blue Aeroplanes 7.1.90 The Warfield
    Blue Nile 8.1.90 Great American Music Hall
    The Bluetones 9.11.96 Bottom Of The Hill
  • The Great Atomic Power

    13 Mar 2009, 4:46 de heyadamo

    This blog likely won't mean a lot to anyone living outside Wisconsin or the Upper Midwest. But to today's music fan, there's a lot here that they can relate to...sadly. This weekend (March 13-15) will mark the final weekend of operation for Atomic Records, a local indie record store in Milwaukee, WI. Although I never attended school in Milwaukee, and although there were (and still are) quite a few awesome record stores in my old stomping grounds of Madison, Atomic was special in a way all stores (record or otherwise) should aspire to.

    I had first heard of Atomic when reading a '90s zine out of Milwaukee called Milk magazine (I saw the cover of the second issue with pics of Mercury Rev and The Boo Radleys on the cover and knew I'd find stuff to agree with.) While I was 90 or so miles to the west, there was still a feeling that there was a lot of cool stuff happening in Milwaukee, and the frequent mentions of Atomic within the ads and print gave the place a sort of mystique and aura. …
  • Every band I've ever seen live that I can remember

    27 Nov 2007, 17:51 de distractedk

    I stole the idea from The_Derm :-) in case he's wondering!

    I've been meaning to do this for ages but have only just got round to finishing it off in any spare time I get.

    So, here's a list of bands I've seen from April 1986 (Twisted Sister) to 9 November 2009 (Motorhead and Sweet Savage).

    458 and counting...

    I'm pretty sure there are loads more I've forgotten but I'll update it as and when I remember.

    Anything with an asterisk are bands I've seen more than once. I think Nick Cave (solo and with his Bad Seeds) is at the top with ten combined gigs.

    Not that anyone cares...it's just me being anal ;-)

    50 Foot Wave
    65 days of static
    AC Acoustics
    A Camp
    Albert Hammond, Jr.
    Alloy Mental
    Almighty Do Me A Favor
    Ambient Forces
    Andrew Weatherall
    Anhrefn *
    Antti Siirala
    A Plastic Rose
    Arabella Harrison
    Arcade Fire
    Archie Bronson Outfit
    Architecture in Helsinki
    Ariel Pink
    Ash *
    Asobi Seksu
    Babes in Toyland
    Back To The Planet
  • Lyrics Game #5 - Directions

    12 Abr 2007, 4:33 de Kattastic

    OK, I know – my whole re-living the 80s thing seems to have ground to a halt – but when you add together Christmas + holiday planning + brother-in-law and girlfriend staying + husband's best friend, wife and child visiting + New Year + the other brother-in-law and his girlfriend staying + going for a month to the UK + getting home for a couple of weeks and trying to get life in order + a long weekend away wine tasting + time for enjoying copious wine purchases = very behind on 80s project!

    So while I catch up, finish my review of 1981 and prepare for the joy of re-living 1982 – here’s a little lyrics game……

    The theme of this one is directions – so all 50 songs have some kind of direction word in the title – such as North, South, East, West, Up, Down, Above, Below, Behind, Left and Right......

    (btw I have no idea how Richard Marx snuck into my collection...otherwise it's a strangely representatve of my odd musical taste!)


  • A walk on the Kim Wilde side.

    25 Ene 2007, 1:48 de PudsWoods

    For years, educated men of a certain bent have looked to one iconic person in history for inspiration when times are tough. A person whose name has become synonymous with literary genius, inspirational artistry, mannered elegance and a quiet dignity in the face of widespread ridicule and derision. That iconic genius' name was Wilde, and it's this person that we celebrate today.

    (OK, the real reason why I'm writing a journal about Kim Wilde is that after being introduced to the tunes of Sally Shapiro a few weeks ago, I was reminded of the 80's pop insanity of songs like "Never Trust A Stranger". And 'thanks' to the intervention of a friend, I now have more Kim Wilde tracks than one human brain should really have to deal with, which is why some of it is spilling over into this journal.)

    So without further ado, here are Seven Kim Wilde Tracks That Stood Out For Random Reasons:


    To younger eyes, ears and brains, this might seem like an odd name for a pop song. …
  • first line quiz: the 80s

    10 Oct 2006, 19:02 de kingofgrief

    I've been seeing this quiz pop up in several journals (most notably Carali's) and I thought I'd drum something up along those lines. Here's how it works:


    Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
    Step 2: Post the first line from the first 50 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
    Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
    Step 4: Italicize the songs when someone guesses correctly.
    Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    I'm narrowing the range in step 1 down to one of my 80s folders in the interest of not getting too obscure and keeping it thematic. Also, if the title appears in whole or in part in the opening line, I skipped it.

    Ready? Here goes...

    1. The silicon chip inside her head gets switched to overload I Don't Like Mondays
    2. Well I woke up this morning I was feeling fine
    3. See her laughing, talking, she's walking to the factory
    4. So windy and cold
  • Lyrics Game #3 - "Days"

    20 Ago 2006, 15:17 de Kattastic

    It's your bog standard lyrics game - but with a theme.....

    1. Danny was an old-time Bourbon Street barker
    Who wanted the same as Charlie Parker

    2. At times like these when enemies can number more than friends
    A friend indeed is what I need, not someone who pretends
    Another Day

    3. Celebrate the fact that we’ve seen the back
    Of another (title)
    Black Day

    4. All is quiet on (title)
    A world in white gets underway
    New Year's Day

    5. (Title) rain is falling
    Steal some covers share some skin
    Sunday Morning

    6. I know you well and I can tell
    Something's on your mind
    King For A Day

    7. When I stepped in the room I bring the heat like the month of June
    Crank the volume make the bass go boom
    Labor Day (It's A Holiday)

    8. It was 25 years they take that man away
    Now the freedom moves in closer every day
    Mandela Day

    9. The world is cold and times are bad.
    Every time I think about it, it makes me sad

  • May 20th: On this Day

    21 May 2006, 0:53 de tenderbranson69

    2005, Kylie Minogue had a cancerous lump removed from her breast at St Frances Xavier Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. The singer had been due to begin the 20-date Australian leg of her current worldwide Showgirl tour in Sydney.

    1998, Tommy Lee from Motley Crue was sentenced to six months jail after being found guilty of spousal abuse.

    1997, U2 caused traffic chaos in Kansas City, Missouri after they paid for traffic control to close down five lanes to shoot the video for 'Last Night On Earth'. The following day a Cadillac crashed into a plate glass window to avoid a cameraman.

    1993, Appearing at The Cambridge Junction, England, Jellyfish.

    1978, The Buddy Holly story' film was premiered in Holly's hometown, of Lubbock, Texas.

    1977, Television kicked off a 10 date UK tour at the Village Bowl, Bournemouth, support act was Blondie who were making their UK live debut.

    1972, T Rex were at No.1 on the UK singles chart 'Metal Guru', the groups fourth No.1. They also had the UK No.1 album with 'Bolan Boogie'.