• 50 Weeks, 50 Albums

    22 Dic 2006, 22:35 de roundthewheel

    As the year is very nearly drawing to a close, I as an avid listener of music feel compelled to put together some sort of write-up offering up my thoughts on all the albums I listened to throughout the year. Chronologically speaking, my music taste wanders all over the map, but I found a lot of good music from all over the history of rock this year and I don't mind sharing my discoveries with the public at large.

    This year is somewhat special, because I managed my goal of buying, on average, one album a week for the entire year. I won't get to listen to the last two albums I bought until after Christmas (Ratatat's self-titled and Tom Waits's Rain Dogs), but I'm exploding with words to write, and so I present to you 50 Albums Over 50 Weeks (presented in alphabetical order).

    A Band Of Bees - Free the Bees (EMI, 2004)

    A pleasant lo-fi album that will appeal to fans of late-Sixties psychedelia. …