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  • Was happy to see a US tour, until the realization they open for Cradle of Filth. NeO is in a completely different league. Hard to be so sure I'd only like the opener.
  • NeO has certainly become one of my favorite artists of all time. So looking forward to album #3. And yeah, I agree that EP's are certainly not even near the quality of either album. But then again, all the tracks on them were cut from all other releases they were supposed to be on.
  • These guys are amazing!
  • Sadly both EPs are not at the same level Portal of I and Citadel were. Still enjoyable, though :)
  • Most of the similar artists are not similar at all. :(
  • Awesome performance at MetalDays, despite the organizers' incompetence and their bush league speakers
  • fantastic
  • The most technically metal band in the world right now.
  • genial
  • I think they mean avant-garde music. That's what Wikipedia has in its place, anyway.
  • violiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
  • The best prog I've ever heard. This is the real piece of art. An excellent mix of different styles.
  • I'm a bit skeptical of the new direction they're going with the vocals on he EPs, but the song writing is magnifique.
  • hiraeth + sarabande > citadel [2]
  • hiraeth + sarabande > citadel
  • Ne Obliviscaris seem to be mastering a bit quieter...I like that, leaving a little headroom is always good. Hiraeth is every bit as epic and heavy hitting as I was hoping!
  • This band use violin, and then I tagged them with [tag]Symphonic Metal[/tag]
  • New EPs are both very good. This band can seemingly do no wrong! [2]
  • Good
  • New EPs are both very good. This band can seemingly do no wrong.
  • Got the EP today, sounds pretty good. Not excellent, however.
  • @blackmetalcore You'll easily be able to find a digital leak of the EP if you look into it :P
  • Does anyone have the EPs from the crowdfunding campaign?
  • Wow, the EP is fucking awesome
  • Both albums are amazing - can't wait til they visit Poland - probably never :-((
  • I have the Sarabade to Nihil EP, if anyone wants to swap it for the other EP I would be willing to oblige
  • interesting band) попробуем)
  • They sound even better live. Benji plays solos like he is walking in a park !! \\m/
  • Saw them in Bangalore. These guys are amazing. Posing with Marc "Xenoyr" Campbell right there in my DP. \\m/
  • Fuckin assholes aren't coming to San Francisco, or even California for their US tour. :(
  • Going to watch them live TOMORROW Now tell me which of you BASTARDS ARE JEALOUS \\m/\\m/\\m/\\m/\\m/\\m/\\m/\\m/
  • 'Citadel' is amazing!
  • Citadel feels oddly short with only 3 "real" songs. That being said I can't wait for the EP.
  • best band ever
  • Citadel will grow on you. They're just expanding and exploring their sound a bit more.
  • if it's precursor had not been "portal of i", "citadel" would be way more impressive to me. i like the two longer tracks a lot, but as an heir to the throne, it's a minor letdown.
  • One thing I really want to hear more in the future from NeO is more choral arrangements in their music!
  • Citadel is definitely a grower. It's heavier than PoI, but just as addicting! My only gripe with is, is it's too fucking short.
  • Don't feed the trolls. This was in my top 3 of 2014. Absolutely amazing musicians.
  • another review here
  • well maybe not my AotY after all, but it did take up #2! \\m/ It's kind of addictive: the more you listen to it the more you get sucked into it
  • Oh come on, bitches! What about a Tour for Europe?
  • TO expand on DTjKK, I consider Flametal a fantastic semi-acoustic metal band.
  • Metality, the style of music you're looking for is called flamenco. Good luck finding more with violin, lol. While it's not really like NeO, Rodrigo y Gabriela's earlier material is pretty good and fits that description. But I haven't found much else. This song and album by Arun Shenoy is the closest:
  • Крутая группа. Как только можно было их так долго не слушать...
  • 'Citadel' has made it into my 2014 Album of the Year Top 20. Naturally. Click the link though to find out exactly what I think of this record:
  • Oh, grow up "KittensAndMetal". And yes, this is my album of the year, and yes, I have heard more than 1 album this year. Too many good ones, actually, so this decision was not really all that easy.
  • Oh, my precious beauty!


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