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  • Hi! We are My Last Words. A Pop punk / Hardcore band from Valencia (Spain) And you can download our brand new Ep here: Hope you like it! :D
  • The new album is great!
  • This new album is AWESOME!
  • Sounds exactly like the stuff of Rise Against at the point i stopped listening to them in 2007 or something. Boring. Besides, who can take a band for serious which is somehow related to Ignite?
  • awesome!
  • A new Nations Afire video will be posted to the band's Facebook page this week.
  • have a listen to - really cool melodic hardcore from brighton england
  • isso é perfeito
  • Buddies, new NA song. Check it out and spread the word. Thanks. xo.
  • Heard "The Once Forgotten" on a Georges St-Pierre video. Pretty good.
  • I hear the song this is the star as I do .. please
  • know them from my sisters boyfriend they are really great!! <3
  • wow, nice!
  • @ Sanitys Oh really ? Pop punk ? Dude you don't have a clue about music genres. If these guys are pop-punk to you, what the fuck is Blink , Sum 41(except the album Chuck). They aren't "too heavy" for ya ? Seriously, even H2O are hardcore, and they don't sound that heavy as Sick of it All. Why ? Well because they talk about unity, friendship etc... that is hc. You don't have to scream or to play a really heavy sound to be hardcore. I like Nations Afire, I cannot put them into a cathegory, into a genre, they are a blend between rock, punk and hc. Personally I would say they play more of a melodic hc, the the classic stuff. Just like Rise Against, but they don't sound like RA.
  • Amazing music..
  • I discovered them today, and you know what? I like it, they have some really amazing material :)
  • Geile Band, geile Songs!
  • thank the affliction clip on youtube for a new fan:)
  • the fact that someone compared them to rise against...that band, with ALL the members, come on, you have 88 fingers louie, baxter, killing tree, rise against, nations afire......i mean the list probably goes on, considering picking up and dropping members, each member from the start has gone on to be in another band....even the bands i mentioned dont sound the same......
  • honeslly wanted to grab the album the before the release. Some might argue but id classify them into pop punk. Not that its bad, i still listen to ALL (desendents) to this day. Nations afire play catchy tunes, that to be honest could be (god forbid) mtv stuff. anyways, id suggest you pick uopthere album, and listen to simular artists with last fm, good stuff
  • Great EP, all songs is greatful ;)))
  • That debut EP is rather nice...
  • cool EP
  • great EP! [2]
  • great EP!
  • New EP is sweet. Really enjoying it
  • im a liking this +1 "GET UP GET UP GET OVER IT"
  • mesa likes ;o
  • Great EP...Keep up the good work guys.
  • I don't think they sound too much like Rise Against. RA is so original sounding anyway, its hard to imitate. This band is just awesome.
  • the Augsburg show was amazing! ! !
  • saw them with dbd and liked them
  • Sounds cool, but Exit Strategy sounds way too much like a Rise Against rip-off.
  • yes i downloaded the ep and i encourage everyone to do so, too.
  • if that's the real chris chasse, i wouldn't even think about supporting them by buying the releases due to his childish acting.
  • the show at GROEZROCK was AMAAAZING!!!
  • So looking forward to seeing NA at Groezrock tomorrow!
  • I meant good luck not tough luck, sorry I'm not a native speaker.
  • You want to tell me that you are Chris Chasse , Ex-Rise Against and now Nations Afire Guitar Player? oh man.. everyone could say that, why should I believe you and don't think that you are another busybody... and yeah tough luck on finding information about me. If you are the real Chris Chasse we can meet at Groezrock and you can hand over a copy to me and you will get the money, how about that? I really like your music, so what's the point? I even would buy shirts and stuff. Do you really want to banish fans? not really nice tactics...
  • Yeah. I'm aware of that too, but since i listenend to 4 of the songs on myspace i know, that they are only approximately 4 minutes long. And because it says "New ALBUM 'The Uprising' out soon" I was a little bit confused to find only 5 tracks on Interpunk. So my simple question was if they maybe made a mistake over there... I'm buying the CD anyway so what's your point? I asked a question, there is no need to bitch around... take it easy man
  • according to interpunk the album contains only 5 songs is that right??? If yes The Uprising should be an EP
  • oh, you have killed last hopes(( I fairly hoped that you will arrive to Moscow! kill for such errors!!! You could be a light ray in our rainy city! P.S: so and to be, I will wait for an album...
  • Hey, I just love your music! Will you sell merchandise and CDs at Groezrock? That'd be awsome!
  • When Rise Against, Ignite and Death by Stereo can't wait to another thing than great music. Will be on my next Interpunk order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sux(
  • chrischasse, NATIONS AFIRE (Members of Ignite, ex-Rise Against, ex-Death By Stereo) DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR 11.05. Moscow – Tabula Rasa (Russia) its real?
  • I want to make something very clear! I swear on the grave of everyone I love, I will buy the cd on Groezrock, but the music is so good that I can't wait
  • Без грубостей,пожалуйста.На Дальнем Востоке этот альбом не купишь=>приходится сп**дивать =)
  • does anyone know where to download the songs?


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