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Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys
My Chemical Romance

Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

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  • my precious jewel.
  • I agree that this is definitely their best album--hell, it is one of my top ten favorite albums, period. Black Parade was great, but this just took things to a whole new level.
  • their best album by far
  • This is a really good album it's not my favorite but i don't get how you can't like this album. and Gerard's voice is way better then it was in the last one.
  • its a great album but its not their best album by far imo..
  • "If you don't think this is their best album you are wrong." if this is wrong I don't wanna be right
  • I feel that this album was the farewell of my chemical romance
  • If you don't think this is their best album you are wrong. (2)
  • I see a lot of people saying this isn't their best album and I don't mind (isn't mine neither) because it's their opinion I just don't understand people who hate this album and say that this isn't MCR just because is diferent. All MCR's albums are diferent, being this the most diferent of them all, but the album STILL is and has what MCR is. The style may not be the punk rock from TBP but it isn't pop or another shit like that. If you can't hear the guitars or the drums or the rock sounds then you are deaf. After all the changes that happen in their lifes since TBP what needed too happen was this (since it was their last album) because you can't live in the dark forever things change and (like almost all songs they have say and like Gerard said after the band broke up) we have to move on and we have to let it go but we can't let it die. In conclusion this was the best way for MCR to end (but I wish they were still together) great lyrics, great history, great music and great messages.
  • most shocking for me was their change in genres. It feels like they went from punk to pop D: I still like them even though this album isn't my cup of tea...

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