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  • A+
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  • What happened to these guys, they used to make amazing music. Now...absolute garbage.
  • I am also not "happy" with their new garbage
  • awesome bellends
  • fuckin mudvayne!!
  • Mudvayne - -1 ______________________________________________-__ \m/.(><).\m/ __-
  • They got lazy when the make-up came off. Their second album is a masterpiece.
  • it kills.
  • fuck yea mudvayne!!!!
  • awesome!
  • <333333
  • love me some old mudvayne, back when they still had heart and everything to lose! <3333333 this song, cause i am the negative fucking 1!
  • love this song
  • ive seen them live 5 or 6 times, Once in cinci snot and 10 years opened for them...10 years got booed pretty much off the stage, first time i ever seen snot who was surprisingly really good
  • Why did this band have to be one of those 'oooooh let's wear masks and makeup and be evil' sorta bands? They were actually really good but got passed over by so many people 'cause they looked like a bunch of bellends.
  • great song......MUDVAYNE IS GOD
  • Live track
  • i wish gh5 would play this on the xbox or ps3. i would jam to this
  • this song wants me to get in a ring to fight someone
  • Probably their best. This album was so god damn good.
  • One of my all time favorite Mudvayne songs! Nothing to Gein is my second favorite.
  • You haven't heard much than. Still L.D.50 is a great album. But don't get too carried away with it's technical values.
  • L.D.50 is just the most technical album i've ever heard. \m/ ( -_- ) \m/
  • Great song, great album, great band!
  • Great Song.
  • derber song
  • eins der besten von mudvayne
  • Amazing band, Amazing song. \m/
  • epic
  • Awesomness at it's finest.
  • this whole album is money
  • tremendo tema, de los mejores de Mudwaine, sin duda, se ponen los pelos de puntaaa
  • great song
  • ld 50
  • Oh the amazingness! <3
  • soperb kickass song.........i really liked da song...............
  • :o
  • :o
  • OLA
  • Mudvayne bass guitar makes me crazy men
  • good so much the screaming
  • super ;D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  • I fucking love that song! It's one of mudvayne's best songs! ^^ Lyrics, instrumental, everything............... awesome!
  • great.
  • coool intro
  • beautiful

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