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  • I love your music.
  • Such beautiful music. Can't believe it took me this long to find you.
  • What happend to your Facebook account? Just wanted to leave a nice comment there...anyways, you´re still among Kings in this genre...can´t wait for new material!
  • I really like your work Hannah.. you should keep doing it.
  • standoffish cat is going to be in my top 5 IDM albums of all time
  • I'm very picky with my ambient/IDM musics, but must say I'm impressed, keep this up!
  • easy
  • dat cat.
  • Nice chill music.
  • You are welcome. No offense intended.
  • Thanks for your constructive feedback kitestring....
  • Superbo
  • I can't say that I liked her music nor that it is interesting. I was bought here by the cat, which is lame and stupid, and I shouldn't have written this comment anyway. Shit.
  • :)
  • I LOVE YOU!!!!
  • Lovely cat!
  • Wait, what?
  • nuanced and sohpisticated IDM from the UK. Love it!
  • Mrs Jynx's track "Dtracked" features on our latest compilation. Find it here: (It's on "Quadrant Two")
  • +1 sounds more like the 'ochre' i like!
  • Hey there Mrs Jynx! I absolutely love your tunes when they get picked through my Ochre Radio. I think i'm gonna have to purrr chase your album! And you're a Manc too! Wahoooo! Nice one. Keith.
  • New Mrs Jynx/Milieu/Fieldtrip split album out on 20th Jan. Order from Mrs Jynx directly - details on facebook fan page & myspace
  • Shark Carousel is amazing, an advancement on Standoffish Cat which is really saying something because SC was my fave album of 2008
  • is the "Queen of IDM" +1000000
  • fan tastic
  • Standoffish Cat. Shark Carousel. SC? Both titles make some interesting anagrams as well.
  • ... is "Mrs Remix"
  • ... is the "Queen of IDM"
  • Shark Carousel Album is incredible!! This is music of angels...
  • Mrs Jynx very kindly gave us a track for our label compilation called "Meltwater". Here's a link if you wish to have it. x
  • Really enjoying this music from what I've heard so far.
  • It's beautiful! I'm completely fascinated with "What He Said Next" %) Thank you, darlin'!
  • "time missed" got me in the car on the way to work this morning. i love it. like, seriously in love with it.
  • i think you just broke my heart with "What He Said Next"
  • top works!
  • wow hello! local mrs ambient idm music making lady.. an ever so slightly rare thing in my immediate experience it has to be said... i wish to share.... :)
  • very distinctive sound
  • Shark Carousel out on Planet Mu 19th July 2010
  • beautiful trax :) luv her musical style :)
  • Srsly, this is the music that was in my head all my live, and now you actualy got my head toughts into a song! <3
  • hello ! New Mrs Jynx remix on [artist]aniline[/artist]'s free EP : [album artist=aniline]Brunswick EP[/album] 6 tracks includes remix of [artist]Mrs Jynx[/artist], [artist]Life In A Box[/artist] and [artist]Phasen[/artist] ! distributed by [label]Unnamed Label Records[/label] ----> [url=]Download link[/url]
  • Standoffish Cat was my personal soundtrack for summer 2009. I love your music. I'm waiting for new stuff...
  • Was going to listen cos apparently she's great but, then I read she likes Mushroom Soup. There is no way I could ever appreciate an artist who likes Mushroom soup
  • reminds me of mike paradinas. love this lady [2] (was just coming into this page to say that exactly!)
  • After trying many different browsers, I am finally able to hear the streamed tracks posted on myspace with Internet explorer 8. Yaaa I was quite sure no one one Earth could even begin to "build" or supplement on Mike Paradina's work that is until legendary Mrs Jynx came along . . . All the superlatives in the world would fail do her music justice!!! Wish the tracks played on the Electronic Explorations shows were out too as others aswell. Purple is my favorite track at the moment. "As so eleoquently and susinctly put in on the EE show Mrs Jynx has taped into a Quintisential English well of pastoral melodies and triped harmonic structures thats really hard not to feel some affection for. "
  • For those of you who are interested, Mrs Jynx & Oxynucid did an EP together a few months ago. New tracks from both featuring remixes of said tracks. Pretty sure I can't post links here but you can find it on The Centrifuge website. It's free, and very very good.
  • reminds me of mike paradinas. love this lady
  • such beauty.
  • Once again, has thrown me a total gem! Love your stuff, absolutely brilliant!


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