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  • new ep is fire A F
  • I just can't stop listening to any of his stuff.
  • Шнур неплохо ебашит, должен сказать.
  • kills me how underrated the church is
  • yesssss
  • ochen' khorosho
  • khorosho
  • Come on, RUBBER is a great trash film for a movie night with friends & booze.....but I don't have any friends.
  • Good point Nagsworth. Maybe he should just retire to France with Flat Eric then.
  • also lol @ saying he should stick to filmmaking. i know his music isn't half as good as it used to be but have you SEEN his films??
  • Fucking hell, just got around to listening to the unreleased record. Duck Guts is WICKED
  • На Шнура похож о_О
  • Vote for this one?
  • ohuenno
  • scream fer daddy .
  • monsieurrrr~
  • заебца!
  • мужик, ты не стареешь просто. круто!
  • the dude below with the overrated idm username can FOAD. Unexpectedly one of this year's best albums. Dry Run and Torero are nuts
  • wow, so many scrobblers i'm impressed. The promotion went good. Keep it going! Make him more popular :D
  • New album is some crazy shit! Digging it
  • Forever thankful for Analog Worms Attack and Moustache Half A Scissor but if The Church is all he can bother to come up with now maybe it's time to focus purely on the film making. Poor album.
  • torero hard as shit son
  • new album is crack come to new york already!
  • New album is FUN :)
  • Scream for daddy!
  • We go to da church.
  • MACHYNE fuck!
  • The Church is awesome :-)
  • so we go to a night club, but a dj is a fat dude so we leave
  • That's a shame, I enjoy it very much. I don't think it's his best work but I think its a short, sweet, addition to his discography.
  • The Church is terrible :-(
  • We go to the church.
  • This guy just raped my brain. And I liked it.
  • new single is hot
  • He is back !
  • (new album) The Church - 06. "Machyne" :
  • cut dick should be like 10 minutes long
  • pervcore
  • New Handbraekes -----> 05/05/14.
  • oohhhhohohhhhaaaaaa bzzzzzzz/ggghghghghghg
  • I love you, you fucking weirdo.
  • These gotta be some of the strangest song titles I've ever seen and this is coming from a guy who's listened to a fair share of Aphex Twin
  • You look like SHIT when you dance.
  • hey check out my tracks
  • VV I'm one of those who are retarded though


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