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  • Please check out this:
  • Nothing beats TTTB
  • If you like Post-Rock/Metal, you will probably dig this album my roommate just released!!
  • Hey, friends! Nice stuff here! I will definitely appreciate if you check out my band [artist]Nebulae Come Sweet[/artist] (post-metal from Minsk, Belarus) and take a listen to “O”, a new song from our upcoming album! You can listen it online or download it for free here:
  • Prawie tak dobre bidony jak dżena ejt
  • Drummer was the nicest guy I've ever talked to. Told me they've been a band for awhile, and as much as they've been through they all feel it's time to do something drastically different. I'm all for it.
  • To carry, the weight...To carry the weight of...everything
  • the very best band
  • musical lachrymose of the most intense emotion. I cannot help but get choked up when hearing most of this bands stuff.
  • Great band.
  • This band... a warrior clan.
  • Where do I go after Quietly?
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Mouth of the Architect
  • chek and download:
  • I personally stand for Baobab as the best post-metal / atmospheric sludge song ever written. Each time I listen to it I remember the first time I heard it in 2008 and how amazed I was. It sounded like nothing I've heard before. The whole song is great but the instrumental section in the middle is my favourite. It's just so enigmatic and down to earth at the same time, and for me it's what really makes a song - being beautiful and overwhelming and at the same time easy to relate to. Needless to say it took my post-metal virginity and soon I became an avid fan of the genre. The other songs responsible are 'The beginning and the end' by Isis and 'Fire and flight' by Rwake.
  • Hear me gush :P Feedback welcome :-)
  • NEW!
  • Wish I could grow a beard like that...
  • no its not
  • Wat. Vertikal is best of 2013.
  • 'Cult of luna's latest offering is a steaming pile of garbage' theres nothing wrong with the new cult of luna, its different like every CoL album is.
  • vv... I wasn't too found of the new Cult Of Luna either, at least not compared to their earlier work.
  • Dawning is growing slowly, but this is a great album.
  • Cult of luna's latest offering is a steaming pile of garbage. Haven't listened to new rosetta though
  • Don't forget about Rosetta, they're one of the post-metal giants in my opinion.
  • MOTA, Cult of Luna, and Intronaut got the post-metal torch
  • These guys are carrying the torch for Post-Metal right now. Every release has been different from one another and that's what I love about these guys.
  • reminds me of my 1st time listening to rosetta
  • first impressions upon listening to Dawning: complete shit
  • Destroyed Chicago (and my eardrums) a couple nights ago.
  • They are fantastic live!
  • Dawning is one of the best in 2013. [2]
  • Dawning has definitely started growing on me for sure. Sharpen Your Axes is a choice track
  • It's hard for me to get into Dawning.
  • free dl
  • nice
  • Dawning is one of the best in 2013.
  • MoA als Support für Pelican in der Arena Wien 2013:
  • i had to give Dawning more than one listen before i was able to appreciate it more. gonna be interesting seeing how i feel about it over the next few weeks but it definitely has potential to be their best work to date.
  • Totally great show in Warsaw on saturday. Hope you'll come back soon, I want that t-shirt in normal size instead of 2XL
  • i think nothing ever will be close to the greatness of 'the ties that bind' but after i was quiet disappointed in 'quietly, the new one turns out to be really strong. go see them live, they are amazing!'
  • New album is settling in it gets better with every listen- chaotic but calculated with some gorgeous melodies intertwined. It's not my favorite from them but I feel it captures their sound perfectly. Would love to see these guys live
  • So many people have been complaining over the vocals, drums, overall production, and how it's so awkwardly chaotic; but I have no idea what these people are talking about. Dawning is beautiful, crushing, honest and universal as well as personal. It's epic on a grand scale.
  • fucking epic new album. so much reminds me of neurosis
  • Dawning kicks ass!
  • Dawning is a fucking brilliant masterpiece of epicness, atmosphere and crushing agression. Period.
  • New album is really beautiful
  • New album is perfect. We look forward to your concerts in Russia.
  • their last album destroys worlds
  • amazing new stuff *_* expectations came true !!!


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