• Sandman was there, I swear

    11 Nov 2011, 23:49 de carlos_russell

    Wed 9 Nov – The Ever Expanding Elastic Waste Band
    "Wow", that's all I could mutter after leaving the ND Ateneo, the indie venue in Buenos Aires where the former Morphine members gathered a packed legion of followers. Morphine sounds like Morphine, and that's a fact. Another fact - Jeremy Lyons is no Mark Sandman, as a two-string slide bass player, a singer or a stage presence. Dana Colley has to take charge of the banter with the audience, and does a good job, invoking the spirit of Sandman, promising a job to an unemployed audience member, and playing his baritone sax like it was a lead guitar - effect pedals included! The rhythm section was something else. Conjuring both Jerome Dupree as a main drummer, and Bill Conway as a percussionist was an inspired move. Dupree is a gifted drummer, much more accomplished as a performer than Conway, and the engine behind the vibe of their live performances. However, the combination of percussion and drums…
  • R.I.P. Mark Sandman

    3 Jul 2009, 5:39 de Elziard

    while the world mourns the King of Pop, i've been awaiting the tenth anniversary of Mark's passing. for anyone who appreciated Morphine, his passing was significant and i recall how saddened i was by the news. i'd been anxiously awaiting The Night and a chance to finally see him. my GF and a good friend go to see them on the Like Swimming tour and it was only after it did i learn and devour the band's music.

    i wrote this back in 2001 about French Fries With Pepper:
    -i was introduced to morphine by my friend carrie who lived in the basement apartment…. she had this album memorized and we’d reference this song often. mark sandman died in 1999. the ‘6-6-66’ and ‘7-7-77’ are year segments. ‘about 9-9-99 i hope i’m sittin’ on the back porch drinking red wine’. god bless mark. by 9-9-99 I hope I'm sittin' on the back porch drinkin' red wine.]

    mark never made it to 9-9-99 but i honored him with a glass that day.

    here's a vid for the song: