• Song Of The Day - 28 Jan 2008: Bitches Brew

    29 Ene 2008, 5:14 de sablespecter

    Miles Davis / "Bitches Brew" / Bitches Brew (2) / Apr 1970

    Artist: Miles Davis
    Original Album: Bitches Brew
    Track: Bitches Brew

    Every once in awhile, I just need to do an all-night extended set of extended songs. Tonight is one of those nights: we're spinning no song less than 10 minutes in length, and covering just 47 songs in 12 solid hours. Figures Last is hiccuping tonight, so I don't get the satisfaction of seeing them scroll through the profile, but at least the Last servers have a sense of humor: recent tracks crapped out after The Doors' "The End" about an hour into the set a few minutes after 7PM (figures...midnight London...)

    ANYWAY...tonight's set started with today's SotD. Earlier this month I briefly mentioned Bitches Brew as a comment in passing on , and left it as "an album to visit some other time." So I figured today's the day / tonight's the night.

    I have to say up front that I know precious little about the jazz universe…