• Rocky Mountain Grass

    3 Feb 2006, 15:00 de jcshepard

    I dipped into the musical stream at home (boxes really at this point) and hooked some fine Rocky Mountain trout—Kane's River and Open Road, fine from Montana and Colorado—to finish out January 06. Open Road is breaking up (tears of sadness) after a good run on Rounder. One member has opened up a in LaPorte, Colorado, outside of Fort Collins, which in itself is an outstanding service to society.

    Kane's River is out of the Gallatin Valley of Bozeman, Montana. If Montana’s not heaven I’m not sure I want to go. While other than the mountains it bears little resemblance to Appalachia, yet bluegrass is alive and well in Big Sky country. They make Gibson guitars in Bozeman. After Gibson pulled their mandolin manufacturing back to Nashville, many lutiers stayed and started up custom shops like Weber Mandolins. These folks (and the Yellowstone/ski area tourist-trade) attract some quality musicians. A friend of mine tech’d for Bill Monroe’s last show in Bozeman. Wish I could have been there for that.