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Expert Knob Twiddlers
Mike & Rich

Expert Knob Twiddlers

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  • It sounds like they were drunk off their asses and recorded it in a weekend. The songs are all twice as long as they need to be, not particularly complex or creative. But, it works and is rather enjoyable to listen to. It makes me feel good knowing albums like this exist.
  • i love this so much i cried
  • Man, the album cover is freaking awesome.
  • I love this album :) So nice to hear them not take it too seriously for a bit
  • One of my favourite purchases.
  • the real name of this album is "Mike & Rich"....
  • ya, win!
  • This is the best album cover EVER. I'm actually going to look into finding a copy to buy just to laugh my ass off it. (Not that the music itself isn't incredible.)
  • I love the cover. So fucking much.
  • For those who aren't sure, the caption on the cover reads: Cleverly maneuver your records onto the platters and then listen to the tracks in the right order to win! But watch out-the tracks are different on each side you could be helping your opponent instead of helping yourself!

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