• Michel Montecrossa's Michel & Dylan Fest 2014 released

    19 Oct 2014, 18:28 de Stormsong

    Release News: Michel Montecrossa’s Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2014 which was recorded live on Tuesday 29th July 2014 during the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, is a charming musical celebration of humanity presenting original songs of Michel Montecrossa and Bob Dylan as well as unforgettable songs from the tradition and other great contemporary composers and poets.

    The songs:
    ‘My Country Girl‘, ‘Annie’s Going To Sing Her Song’, ‘Bring Me A Little Water’, ‘Copper Kettle’, ‘True Lovin’’, ‘Pretty Saro’, ‘Railroad Bill’, ‘Wild West Honey’, ‘On The Way’, ‘Tattle O’Day’, ‘These Hands’, ‘This Evening So Soon’, ‘Went To See The Gypsy (Big Elvis)‘, ‘Working On A Guru’, ‘Thirsty Boots’, ‘Full Moon And Empty Arms‘, ‘On The Grounds Of Fire‘

    Preview with selected songs:

    Michel Montecrossa says about his Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2014:
    “Enjoy the great harmony of the Spirit of Music in this collection of warm-blooded and heartfelt songs. …
  • Michel Montecrossa's Single 'Talking Four Curses: Ebola, Isis, Gaza, Ukraine'

    5 Sep 2014, 18:05 de Stormsong

    New Michel Montecrossa release: Talking Four Curses: Ebola, Isis, Gaza, Ukraine - urgently pointing to in a world of utter cynicism, suffering and Endzeit politicians. Michel Montecrossa’s call goes to the people of the world to understand the curses of our time as signs to wake up to the United States of Planet Earth.


    Michel Montecrossa says about ’Talking Four Curses: , , , ’:
    “Human Unity alone can tackle the Ebola, Isis, Gaza and Ukraine curses. A wonderful future of the wants to come. The people everywhere know, feel and want this future of an unprecedented era of , Harmony, and Well-Being for every soul on earth. Human Unity is the way.”

    Song Lyrics
    I wrote this song during four curses time: / Ebola, Isis, Gaza, Ukraine drivin’ you out of your mind. …
  • New Release: 4 UKRAINE - Michel Montecrossa's CD with 4 songs for the people of…

    5 May 2014, 20:40 de Stormsong

    New Release: 4 UKRAINE is Michel Montecrossa’s collection of four Ukraine New-Topical-Songs & Movies showing the solution for the Ukraine crisis. The ’4 UKRAINE’ New-Topical-Songs were written by Michel Montecrossa for the time when Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin were standing on the crossroads of history and had to decide to show true statesmanship.

    Further information & the video for '4 UKRAINE':

    Michel Montecrossa says:
    “The collection of four Ukraine New-Topical-Songs & Movies with the title ‘4 Ukraine’ takes a strong and positive stand for the people of Ukraine and for the closing of the communication-gap between the EU, Russia and USA.
    ‘4 Ukraine’ looks forward to the coming of the Eurasian Union and free-trade zone together with the transatlantic free-trade treaty between EU and USA that are the effective answer to the problems created by nationalism and superpower domination games.
  • New Release - Talking Ukraine Solution; Song by Michel Montecrossa

    7 Mar 2014, 22:22 de Stormsong

    Highly actual CD release: Michel Montecrossa's New-Topical-Song 'Talking Ukraine Solution' is calling for a bold removal of borders between EU and Russia so that Ukraine can freely associate itself with the EU as well as with Russia for establishing permanent and prosperity on the way to a greater Eurasian free trade zone.


    Michel Montecrossa says:
    “The New-Topical-Song ‘Talking Ukraine Solution’ stands for a bold step forward on the way to a confederative making possible the free association of with the as well as with for growing peace and prosperity in the interest of all involved nations. At the moment when I wrote this song I hoped that Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel, as two of the most important power players in this conflict of a Ukraine caught between the EU and Russia, show the true wisdom that brings Russia and the EU in a way together that solves the problems of Ukraine and opens the…
  • New Release: Talking U.S. Deep Freeze

    10 Ene 2014, 14:20 de Stormsong

    Michel Montecrossa's New-Topical-Song 'Talking U.S. Deep Freeze’ is calling for world wide of leaders and nations for action against
    . Michel Montecrossa speaks out in his song: ’When dies we are at the end of our road.’

    Michel Montecrossa says:
    “’Talking U.S. Deep Freeze’ is my new song
    for it’s time to pay the price for doing what is wrong.
    To polito corruptos and banka gangstas I can only yell:
    ’The deep freeze of your ego brings to earth the living hell!’”


    Song Lyrics
    Talking U.S. Deep Freeze

    ’Talking U.S. Deep Freeze’ is my new song
    for it’s time to pay the price for doing what is wrong.
    ’50 degrees below’ means talking plain and ugly stuff.
    We have to change and make climate change stop.

    Atmosphere pollution in the end will kill us all,
    through Ice Age, Flood and Heat and Storm.
    All at once - and all around the globe
    leaders and nations must unite for the good of us all.

    ’Talking U.S. Deep Freeze’ talks of big warning.
  • New Release: Talking Nelson Mandela

    17 Dic 2013, 12:16 de Stormsong

    ‘Talking Nelson Mandela‘, is Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song in memory of Nelson Mandela, his moral stature and his great humanitarian and political achievements for the South-African Nation Building.

    Michel Montecrossa says:
    “I wrote the New-Topical-Song ‘Talking Nelson Mandela’ as a dedication to the long way to freedom of the icon Nelson Mandela, the father of the South-African Nation and his legacy of , Unity and .”

    Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

    Video 'Talking Nelson Mandela'

    Talking Nelson Mandela is the name of my song: / I sing it for your soul, friend from Africa, born to be strong, / born to bring the light / that’s ending apartheid, / showing humanity’s might.
    Talking : you stand for liberty / born from the truth of forgiveness that knows the unity / of all colors and nations, / of friend and foe alike / in love’s unending might.
  • My Christmas Joy - 12 Songs for Christmas by Michel Montecrossa

    4 Dic 2013, 9:25 de Stormsong

    The new album ‘My Christmas Joy’ is featuring 12 songs for by Michel Montecrossa. ‘My Christmas Joy’ is Michel Montecrossa’s celebration of the birth of the in every child and its action on earth through the young and happy sensation of joy and love. Joy and love are the powers of every divine child leading into a good and dynamic of light, and wise fulfillment.



    Michel Montecrossa says about ‘My Christmas Joy’:
    “Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the Divine Child, a birth which every mother and father can feel in every newborn baby, bringing with it the atmosphere of its heavenly origin. It is the atmosphere that gives the happy sensation of joy and love. ‘My Christmas Joy’ are twelve songs dedicated to the Joy and Love of the Divine Child and its action of heaven on for a future of light, peace and wise fulfillment. …
  • What Can We Do To Change The Climate Change? - Michel Montecrossa's New Single…

    18 Nov 2013, 23:08 de Stormsong

    New CD & DVD: Michel Montecrossa's 'What Can We Do To Change The Climate Change?' is dedicated to all victims of from the to the U.S.A. to everywhere. Michel Montecrossa is the New-Topical-Song writer who founded - the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy as one of the most outstanding centers of action for changing the climate change. His song 'What Can We Do To Change The Climate Change?' is a poignant call to do the right thing for the future of the earth before it is too late.

    For more about Mirapuri see: www.Mirapuri-Enterprises.com

    More songs and movies: www.MichelMontecrossa.com

    Michel Montecrossa about ‘What Can We Do To Change The Climate Change?’:
    “Written when a hit the Philippines and hit the U.S.A., sending the ultimate climate change warning to every government and to every climate change conference, my New-Topical-Song ‘What Can We Do To Change The Climate Change?’ is singing:…
  • Love World Action Saves: Michel Montecrossa CD triggered by Tea Party money and…

    9 Oct 2013, 18:42 de Stormsong

    New Michel Montecrossa New-Topical-Song release 'Love World Action Saves', triggered by Tea Party money and career craziness and the all-time ethical low of U.S. politos.



    Michel Montecrossa about ‘Love World Action Saves‘:
    “My ‘Love World Action Saves‘ comes at a time when polito stunting reaches top levels of funny but dangerous Tea Party money and career craziness and an all-time U.S. polito low.
    In this song I speak out what millions understand:
    is my answer great,
    is my answer when all explodes
    into revenge and more blood,
    greed and torture and the big collapse,
    for my love and I we know and see:
    Love brings the Bright Earth for the true and free.’”

    Song Lyrics
    Love World Action saves / when politos are goin’ mad…
  • Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2013 'Tempest Of Darkness & Light' - CD & DVD and video…

    16 Sep 2013, 21:07 de Stormsong

    CD & DVD & video release - Michel Montecrossa's Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2013 'Tempest Of Darkness & Light'

    DVD Preview Video featuring the song ‘Malala’s Tempest Of Darkness & Light’ (Michel Montecrossa) and the song 'Tempest' (Bob Dylan).


    In a time where espionage and doping are as logical as are criminal speculation, Syria war business, racism, violence, unequal justice and information war, Michel Montecrossa created the Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2013 ‘Tempest Of Darkness & Light’, a masterpiece of bringing together the , to which he belongs, and the established music industry to which Bob Dylan belongs, in the Spirit of their art and music as an example of creative unity in diversity of expression.
    Together with Mirakali, Diana Antara and his band The Chosen Few, Michel Montecrossa achieves this powerful fusion of apparently hostile cultural systems through unifying creativity of Michel