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156 (4:46)


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  • From my butt <*from my buuuuuuuuut*> I can see your house...
  • they shouldve named this 151
  • .... not bad this 156MEW-thing ;-)
  • this song would be so much better if it wasn't for the really stupid lyrics
  • The very beginning reminds me of Slowdive circa Just for a Day.
  • Perfect song
  • 'From My Butt' was the only thing that kept Mew from overwhelming international success.
  • epic epicness
  • Man, I *really* love this song. I love how many different sounding sections it has. So so good. LOVE this song! "From my butt..." ;)
  • Great song.
  • don't you just love goodbyes...? Achh, I forgot how much I love this song! <3
  • I love the elephant of the video
  • I always thought it was "bed". [2]
  • <33333
  • In a big, big way, I am really small. I get off my feet, but I'm still distant.
  • Love this song so much. [2]
  • "From my butt" would have been way funnier than "from my boat." Accents are fun, people.
  • From my butt I can see your house.
  • WTF? It's nothing like Ana!
  • Version from Half The World Is Watching Me will always be best. Dat beginning guitar. Also might be my favorite Mew song in general. I will never understand how this band isn't more popular in the US. I guess Americans don't appreciate Danish elf rock.
  • Don't you just love goodbyes?
  • That chorus gets on my nerves :/ Rest of the song is good though.
  • From my butt. Strange.
  • 156 from half the world is watching me is way better version. i deleted this version and replaced it i suggest you do it too
  • I always thought it was "bed".
  • I can't take this song seriously, the first line ruins it.
  • epic
  • butt != boat. Why did mew screw up this song so bad? In the HWWM version, they are clearly saying "boat" but in this version... sigh...
  • Haha, glad I'm not the only one. First time I heard this I thought "...the hell, did he just say from my butt?!"
  • I like both versions but I prefer the Frengers one.
  • From my butt. Classic.
  • Just listened to it for the first time, I heard "from my butt, I can see your house". I loled.
  • I think I prefer the Frengers version.
  • I love both versions of this song equally. Both have their pros and cons as well, too.
  • They're playing at the Provinssirock festival right now (I have my window open so I can hear them better, I live near the festival area). Anyway, on my way to home from work they played this song and I got to say it was a pleasant walk ^_^
  • i get off my feet
  • In a big, big way I am really small
  • loving this song.. Mew is great <3 Zookeepers boy is quite amazing too
  • hmm, I didn't know there were to different versions. I happened to have this play on my radio and it sounded different. what version is it that is currently up?
  • This song never gets old. There are like 3 years since i started listening to them, already.. and it's like the first time
  • Great track....<3
  • The intro's just so awesome in the HWWM version, and a bit more upbeat, a bit more like No More Stories. However, the Frengers version is sounds more compelling and deep. Both are still pretty good, so don't fight over which one is better.
  • Like the dynamics changes. I've been listening to 'Indie Pop + Indie Rock' radio and this is the best I've heard yet.
  • i''ve been addicted to this song since i first listened to it
  • The HWWM-version sounds so cheap, I dont really like it. And as pelle said, I love how he raises his voice at the end there. Quite breathtaking.
  • wtf? 156 frengers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> hwwm [2]
  • wtf? 156 frengers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> hwwm
  • For the most part I prefer the HWWM version over the Frengers one, but I like how in the Frengers version Jonas 'raises' his voice twice on the last "don't you just love goodbyes?" -parts, and also it's overall more melancholic tone.


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