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  • Avatar de Cassandra-Leo
    Masterpiece. Sounds even better with Cliff's bass turned up. There are some good mixes on YouTube but I wish I could find a good audio source of such a mix. For the whole album, really.
  • Avatar de Pepexepex
    Godly guitar solo. both of them.
  • Avatar de GizemAksoy
    the solo.
  • Avatar de MisterJunior
    Doesn't get much better than this.
  • Avatar de DimaAvant
  • Avatar de MegaDave89
    One of the few song that gaved me goosebumps.
  • Avatar de Uruk_999
    That solo!
  • Avatar de Vincent____Vega
  • Avatar de Disvisonpunk86
    Fucking amazing track takes me back to my childhood metalhead years 😜❤️ \m/
  • Avatar de julilopez2
    help us to Bring old back:
  • Avatar de witch_possessed
    fucking awesome. Laughing at my cries
  • Avatar de TheRealGrog
    My favorite 'Tallica song! \\,,,/ \\,,,/
  • Avatar de ThrashGangsters
    new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • Avatar de Cali4nia83
    You're my boy, Blue!
  • Avatar de Bysen73
    One of the best from Metallica.
  • Avatar de musicmaniac7778
    DRUGS!! Needlework the way, never you betray Life of death becoming clearer Pain monopoly, ritual misery Chop your breakfast on a mirror
  • Avatar de ThrashWork
    The solo 03:51 is my favorite of all time
  • Avatar de laddy09
  • Avatar de azazello117
    Классика на века
  • Avatar de GizemAksoy
    pain monopoly hahaha
  • Avatar de csrog69
    Winners Don't use Drugs!
  • Avatar de pattomusik
    Greatest Album from Metallica ever...
  • Avatar de johnm32145
    "Chop your breakfast on a mirror"...oh yes...
  • Avatar de wert100500
    Идут годы, а эта песня не надоедает. Классика!
  • Avatar de MrSelfcaged
    E P I C
  • Avatar de RespectableChap
  • Avatar de arc_he
    this track: "asu" banget
  • Avatar de YumeBitchu
    This song is the reason why I don't do cocaine.
  • Avatar de HaohmaruRocks
    obey your pokemaster
  • Avatar de rockandrolljoe
    More is all you need
  • Avatar de Yopta_nax
    Master, Master!
  • Avatar de tibijack
    Love this song!!
  • Avatar de Chumak_Aleksey
    I Love IT ))
  • Avatar de szewei85
    all time greatest classics ever
  • Avatar de Camerati
  • Avatar de Astartes83
    One of the Best songs ever.
  • Avatar de GhostHaunted
    Obey your Master.
  • Avatar de Dlartrisky
    And I mean that one that comes in a middle of the song, not the one that comes around 5:40
  • Avatar de Dlartrisky
    That instrumental solo <3
  • Avatar de TyraxDarkstorm
    Love this.
  • Avatar de davidbowiegirl
    Great song
  • Avatar de heavilyspaced
  • Avatar de franciscolasfm
    TEMAZOOOOO lml lml
  • Avatar de Lorelei_94
    much love
  • Avatar de VasilySavush
    таки да, это лучшее, что было в метале
  • Avatar de ilovemusix
  • Avatar de muerto14
  • Avatar de nick_honest
    a masterpiece!
  • Avatar de ROSSANO1972
    Whitout words......
  • Avatar de bykwik
    Coś wspaniałego. Uwielbiam ten kawałek


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