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  • i'd totally do her for fucks sake [2]
  • Czego by nie mówili o Meg to i tak pozostaje ona najlepiej pracującą cycem perkusistką świata <ok>
  • Shut up meg!
  • meg is awesome
  • Cool, good jams, what I aspire to be as a musician (not givin two fucks what people think of my style and enjoying the times i do well). haters gonna hate, 'nough said.
  • lololol People coming on here bashing a musician before READING HER BIO. Theres a quote above as to why she plays the way she does. And honestly, is not like shes the first drummer to play simplistic music. Its actually not that uncommon in jazz and the blues.
  • and you're saying that because you're a 13-year-old expert in the field of drumming, boobies, sexism and The White Stripes fucking BIOGRAPHY which you haven't read yet because you fucking CAN'T READ YET ?
  • WELCOME to JACK WHITE PARTY at FAQ Cafe | 27.01.12 | Moscow, Russia | Join us! It'll be white night!
  • After hours <3
  • As a painting, beautiful art, Meg,you are always inspiring my work thank you truly
  • Wonder what you'll be doing now that White Stripes is done :(
  • Meg-a-Meg-a-White Thing!
  • by the way she is a fucking great drummer
  • i'd totally do her for fucks sake
  • 'The Next Meg White' - and it's a guy? OKAY! :D
  • @allisonthedino The downright BEST musicians are not only talented, but also artistic... Take John Lennon for example... from a technical perspective, John Lennon was a very amateurish musician, however the music he wrote was just flowing with art... On the other end of the spectrum, look at The Rev... He could play a mean drum solo, but his drumming wasn't very inspired or artistic...
  • Oh, yeah I don't think that sex tape of Meg White is Meg White, it really looks nothing like her.
  • When was music about being *talented* I always thought it was about the art and soul of the music. Maybe Meg White isn't the best drummer but I think she is amazing. The White Stripes wouldn't be The White Stripes without Meg White, Jack White Said that himself. I think a lot of people dislike Meg White because she is a female in rock music.
  • hedphylem totally got it right saying: "meg has chemistry with jack, and that's about it. her drumming is very basic and primitive but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. is meg good at drumming? no. does it cripple the sound of the white stripes? nope. "
  • As much as you want to argue otherwise, being a shitty drummer isn't a unique style. I'm not a fan of the White Stripes, but I believe they would sound 100x better with a better drummer.
  • meg has chemistry with jack, and that's about it. her drumming is very basic and primitive but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. is meg good at drumming? no. does it cripple the sound of the white stripes? nope.
  • Thanks :D
  • person below, i love you.
  • Eisners doesn't get the point. Is meg a bad drummer? Yes. She has said herself that she never took any lessons. But her style fits the white stripes perfectly, and Jack White has said himself that she is the key to their sound. She plays exactly what the song needs, nothing more. It's called minimalism, and since the white stripes are a garage rock band it doesn't matter if it isn't always on time or if there is an absence of complicated parts. hell, listen to the live version of blue orchid and it isn't even sung complety in tune, but it is AWESOME anyways. The White Stripes would not be the same without Meg White's style of drumming. And anyone can see that they have a special chemistry live that Jack White doesn't share with any other musician.
  • thats not even her in that tape guys, its just someone who kinda looks like her
  • Any drummer could keep up with jack white, hes that not that hard to follow.
  • i loved that porn she was in!
  • It Might Get Loud (A todo Volume) Group //
  • Well she is probably the only drummer who can keep up with Jack White, put any other "good" drummer in with Jack and he/she won't be able to keep up with him. Meg knows Jack well and it is easy for her to see where Jack is going with a song, especially live.
  • So basically, the only reason shes popular is because of jack whites fame and because shes marginally cute. Don't get her wrong folks, shes a fucking terrible drummer. Any semi-proficient drummer will tell you the same thing.
  • Join the MEG WHITE group !
  • Pure. Sex.
  • She would be perfect for [artist]Stalemar[/artist]
  • This is the best drummer of all time. Drum is more present in the white stripes than the drummer of Blink 182.
  • sex tape???
  • solid drummer...does everything thats asked of her
  • :D
  • She's a terrible drummer. Like its not hard to hit a bass drum and then hit a cymbal
  • do you want be my sister?
  • MARRY ME!!!!
  • For Fans Of The White Stripes and Meg White, Please Join This Group... [url=!]The White Stripes Group![/url]
  • agree with happy_archer
  • meg is the fugliest "taper" ever :lol
  • Meg is the sexiest musician ever <3
  • <333333333333333333333
  • actually, yea she's great!!
  • aaaaaa Meg is so hot
  • Nice pic
  • Meg is cool!


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