• And it feels like home.

    13 Sep 2008, 19:08 de AndySpeedway

    Thu 11 Sep – Madonna, Paul Oakenfold

    On Thursday night, I the pleasure of attending the greatest concert of my life, so far. Never before have I witnessed two hours of such undiluted perfection, so much flawless choreography, epic performances and awe-inspiring energy concentrated in one hundred and twenty minutes. I don't think I need to name the woman I paid £86 to share oxygen with, but for those fools who happened to come across this blog and still don't have a clue, I was standing around 25 metres in front of Madonna Louise (Veronica, when she feels like it) Ciccone-Ritchie.

    What follows is the vain attempt to describe as accurately as possible the experience in words. An epic feat in itself.

    Bursting on to the stage in a flurry of candy-lathered video screen effects, Madonna entered the stadium much the same way she did on the Hard Candy Promo Tour earlier on this year. When I heard this, I was disappointed as it seemed she was just being lazy... …