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  • Matthew is best progressive rock musician for me ! He's make amazing music !!!
  • Is Jon Preston Bouda still with him?
  • and is he actually thinking of touring any time soon? I mean come on mate! I know everyone's penniless right now but damn, I'll set up a nice comfy mattress in my room if needs be.
  • i met him at NEARfest last weekend. he gave me a free copy of Astray because he liked my syd barrett shirt. i didn't really know who he was at the time and i felt kinda silly when i looked him up later and realized he was fairly well known. i don't know why he was so self conscious about it, especially since he was pretty successful with discipline, but he played it off like it was a really amateur recording. infact he told me i probably wouldn't like it. though, he was reasonably drunk... anyway, i thought it was fantastic. a lot of it reminded me of van der graaf generator, and some parts reminded me of gentle giant. it's obvious he's been influenced by peter hammill, but he really pulls it off well. also it was an interesting coincidence that we're both from southeast michigan and the festival is in bethlehem, pennsylvania so its not like there were a lot of people there from michigan. anyway, cool guy. the end.
  • art of horror!!! amazing...
  • Parmenter's work, including on Discipline, is the most original reinvention of horror in music since first used by Black Sabbath. But where Black Sabbath focused on a mystical horror, Parmenter focused on the psychological to even greater effect without the instrumentation being necessarily dark and rarely if ever metal. Bravo. Unfolded Like Staircase is an all-time favorite.
  • so where exactly does one buy Horror Express without paying like 20 dollars on amazon?
  • Agree that Horror Express is one of the best albums of 2008 so far.
  • Great artist! Horror Express is the best new album of the year 2008.
  • I'm really digging Horror Express.
  • In the Dark is amazing as well ^_^
  • Now is a fantastic song
  • So great and so underappreciated...

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