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  • cool
  • How can anyone not love this?!
  • I hear Daylight.
  • geht gut ab...
  • Matt & Kim keep me alive and happy <3 all you haters just keep on hatin'!
  • chemicalpeople - I second that, shit this is so good, Matt and Kim make you feel so good. just listen!
  • FUCK this makes me grin. I love Matt and Kim. and anyone who has the audacity to believe they don't like this is probably not a very great person in the end, so open your eyes. this is amazing and such feel-good music.
  • haha what a buncha hatas jes live an let live! rock out ladies and gents!
  • and whoever says this sounds like blink is a dumbass not even close
  • dear god this blows
  • cool...
  • it's so good partly in fact just because people are crying so hard over it.
  • Im listening to recommended music and fuck has it all sucked. Amateurish
  • it's impossible not to smile when you're listening to this stuff.
  • silly, stupid,>>>>
  • rafaelguillen, have you listened to blink-182 before or seen them? Because Matt certainly does not look nor sound like any of the three members of blink.
  • So cool !
  • whoa dude, chill some people like this. some people like blink-182. i would be that person.
  • Must... not.... be.... HAPPYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 oops... I couldn't help it with this band playing...
  • C'mon rafaelguillen, why'd you have to take it there? I'm sure there's music that you like that someone else thinks is rubbish. Go support them, rather than rip on a duo that is very energetic and very entertaining. And for the record, I don't really feel the whole blink 182 thing, but to each his own =) Go Matt&Kim!
  • this song can sucka dick... jesus.. why subject anyone to clown music fronted by blink 182 style singer? hidious.
  • I wanna sneak through his window
  • l+o+v+e
  • Eh.
  • Luhv Matt's voice. And I luhv them together they are so fucking cute. They are like the opposite of me, always so positive & upbeat.
  • OH GOLLY! <3
  • i love these people.
  • I've loved them since Kilby Court 06. Not that it really matters. They just keep getting better.
  • Matt & Kim are amazing. Love them since Lolapallooza 2007!
  • mmm, double gulp. love this band (heart)
  • there isn't anything i do not love about these people<3 Never have i heard sounds that made me so happy.
  • Paging Amanda Palmer, I've found your doppelganger. Sorta. Anyway, this is love.
  • These are real dance songs
  • I <3 yooooo guysss!
  • I Wanna D-A-N-C-E

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