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  • Valis is absolutely nightmarish, and the clean section in Valisvessel caught me completely off guard.
  • great stuff
  • Valis is just an awesome listen. He should tour with Botanist.
  • Chaos.
  • Fuck, Valis is great.
  • Valis is the most interesting Black Metal record I've heard in years.
  • Valis is soooo good
  • New full length by BM Mastery confirmed, to be released on The Flenser.
  • I want to find more of the black metal Mastery. I discovered them from the Palace of Worms/Mastery split that came out about a year or two ago and don't know what else to look for.
  • His side of the Skullflower split owns.
  • Instrumental EP of thrash Mastery is one of the best heart-ripping albums of all time with unbelievable riffs. hail Mastery hail
  • The bm Mastery is like Deathspell Omega on Meth
  • Egregorian Synapse is chaos. Love it.
  • "There's also a underground Black Metal one man band from the Bay Area called Mastery, thats the Mastery im listening to.." SECONDED. Mastery from San Francisco, check him out.
  • Please do more instrumental stuff, I am a memeber of an instrumental Thrash band too and look up to you guys!
  • The new material with vocals sounds great. Looking forward to a new release.
  • Great thrash without vocal. Underrated Band :/
  • aweosome! powerful
  • Billy sounds good, you can check the result on the Mastery Myspace site with the song "Demo Song", but sure it's no more instrumental... or here:
  • Billy Milano? Interesting choice, I liked him in S.O.D., I'm eager for some new material.
  • it kicks major ass.
  • A vocalist?! Fuck...
  • Fantastic band. Billy Milano won't fit their style at fucking all.
  • все выше и ниже пидоры
  • RESPECT \m/
  • IMO with a vocalist they'll lose a lot of the appeal, and I'm also just not much of a fan of Billy Milano.
  • sounds good :D
  • Incredibly good!!!
  • They've found a lead singer now. Kinda sucks. No clue about any new music though.
  • what happened to them?
  • Great band
  • This band is just pure win. They should never get a singer and just keep this thrash sex just the way it is.
  • When are they releasing their new album?
  • This is Heart Pounding good Hope they stay as a instrumental band..or find someone with high pitch vocals that be awsome
  • the vocalist from MOD/SOD is Mastery's new vocalist? HOLY FUCKING SHIT
  • Join the group for [group]Instrumental Metal[/group]!
  • Wow! Instrumental metal? Check out [artist]Blotted Science[/artist]
  • this is fucking great!
  • Best thrash band of modern times. Eat this, Municipal Waste.
  • Great band!
  • Wow, do this guys think they are at the 80s yet? Completelly 'old school' for a 2001 band! Thrash is definitivelly far from dead!
  • Great shit! I'm glad I discovered them. :D
  • Awesome stuff.
  • i sure hope they keep this instrumental. this is so awesome without vocals.
  • garage production, other than that it's awesome. i especially like it how they don't have a vocalist. thrash vocals SUCK!
  • great music. i like it a lot.
  • you're braindead. the drumming here is fucking solid
  • Only downside to this CD: The gay clop-clop drums. They really fucked up there.


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