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  • Outstanding tune :) <3
  • Universal.
  • Great, ever
  • Masterpiece! The best.
  • I adore this song, it is perfect
  • How often this must have been sampled.
  • This is such a masterpiece. I'm so in love with this tune.
  • Yes I do of course her pal came and I heard monkeys breathing
  • Remember when 4uuuis went to starbucks😃 without me wow
  • Probably my most favourite song of all time
  • My most favourite song of all time.
  • the best
  • Joe banana
  • this is their best song by far in my opinion
  • How anyone can say Teardrop is better is just beyond me
  • Something 4uuuis used to love
  • oh and one of the classiest music videos of all time! props to Baillie Walsh.
  • v yeah, or Eskimo by Wiley or Skeng by The Bug ..or anything by Burial.
  • Not even teardrop, this is their masterpiece in my opinion
  • massive attack is massive good !
  • Amazing song but it makes me sad...
  • the crescendo of strings falling away is everything great about music.
  • try to find words
  • Bristolian Trip-Hop at its best
  • DeValanten - The video preceded Springsteen by 3 years and the Verve by 6! I think you could say they are the versions! One of those songs that will be a classic of modern music.
  • So emotional string section presence, much dramatic shades! Piano dynamic passages from forte to pianissimo are also wonderful. By the way, video looks like an art-house version of Verve's "Bittersweet symphony" and Springsteen's "Streets of Philadelphia".
  • Pure passion
  • Timeless.
  • "Here It Comes" Emeli Sandé & Rick Smith.... if you're interested in Emeli Sande (LUV this track)
  • This song is Emeli Sandé's career.
  • this song is so me
  • Something about the music in this song scares's kinda creepy. Fantastic song though.
  • It amazes me how little this song has aged, it still sounds as fresh as it did when it was released. Easily one of my top ten songs, ever.
  • never get tired of this... mindblowingly good, all the time
  • Today I learned, the title was inspired by [artist]Franz Schubert[/artist]'s "Unfinished Symphony"
  • A wonderful tune. Still sounds as good today as it did back in 1991
  • Greatest song ever written
  • Never get tired of this song.
  • Goregous, goregous track
  • great track magnificent video
  • Best song ever written [4]
  • Sharon Nelson and Massive Attack.....with a massive track. Love it.
  • Love those matching "clink clink" sounds with the beat. Incredible song.
  • Best song ever written [3]
  • Best song ever written [2]
  • Best song ever written
  • @Kaboomsk Who the fuck told you that?
  • classic, drives me to another place always... the lyrics are amazing
  • ... ich liebe diesen titel
  • one of the best


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