• Mini meme of a musical sort

    6 Jul 2008, 22:01 de Bardhlul

    First album - Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 7

    First gig - Roy Clark at the Oklahoma State Fair - surprisingly entertaining

    My guilty pleasure - Many! (check out my “guilty pleasures” tag if you don’t believe me)

    Song that makes me cry - As they say in Legalese, including but not limited to:
    Moments; Letter to Me; The Little Girl; Betcha By Golly Wow

    Song that I romance to - no song but if it were ... Adagio

    Song that best describes me - Heaven Only Knows

    Record that gave me my identity - Still Crazy After All These Years

    Album that got me through a lousy time - Greatest Hits

    My karaoke/hairbrush song - Anyway
  • Inspire Me, PLEASE!

    9 Abr 2008, 1:37 de WhereImGoing

    This week's theme is "Inspirational", meant to tie in to "Idol Gives Back" tomorrow night. Let's see who inspires what tonight...

    -Michael Johns singing Dream On - I thought the song choice was actually pretty appropriate for Michael, so no complaint there. While he was definitely into it, there was strain in his voice, and that ending was painful. He was trying to be Steven Tyler, and that's just not possible.

    -Syesha Mercado singing I Believe - go with a song that was a season-finale song for a former Idol is a bold move. But wow, she REALLY nailed it. Maybe the difference is that I don't have as much of a connection to Fantasia's song, but I really didn't get all of the negativity about the performance.

    -Jason Castro singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow - While my gut reaction is "it's the sleepy coffeeshop style AGAIN", the song was perfect for him. And who knew he could actually hit the falsetto without his voice cracking?

  • Top 25 albums of 2007

    11 Ene 2008, 15:23 de SamB

    Well, it’s ten days late, but finally, here are my Top 25 albums of the year. If you aren’t interested in my blathering, then feel free to skip ahead and see what my favourites were! Comments welcome.

    25. Anna Maria JopekId

    This is a lovely little album from one of Poland’s best. It’s ethereal and mysterious, and very relaxing. I do wish I could understand Polish, since I cannot understand any of the songs, and I think it would enhance my listening if I could. Furthermore, it doesn’t let me choose a favourite easily. Anyhow, the Polish language sounds beautiful on this music, as does Jopek’s voice. I prefer her last album, a more jazzy work, with interesting arrangements of well-known songs, but this CD is great to relax with.

    24. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Raising Sand

    This album’s sold very well, and has had a lot of critical acclaim. I’m not so sure. I do like it when it’s on, but I find it pretty underwhelming, and not particularly memorable. …