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  • "Sunset" <3
  • i hope is new album is better than mattress music, that was a hot mess
  • he got a big head
  • MARQUES HOUSTON & FRIENDS 24 YEARS ANNIVERSARY/REUNION BASH Hosted by: MARQUES HOUSTON & MC BIG D Special Guest Performance Live Performances by: MARQUES HOUSTON Sunday, November 17th, 2013 @ The Palace (1276 W. 7th Street, Upland, CA 91786) 21+Event, 21 & over drink specials. Admission $15 B4 10PM. On The 1'z & 2'z Tony Touch. It's Going To Be Str8 Hype! GEAH!
  • Naked and MH are still one of my fave albums of the 00' decade. I didn't care for for his last two albums but I will most likely listen to the new one 'Famous.'
  • underrated
  • Sunset is his best song.
  • How Is All Because Of You Not In The Top 15?????????? One Of His Best Songs!
  • Learned this whole album w/in a week b/c of my fiancé... And I love it to this day. Memory lane thanks MH
  • <3
  • very nice
  • On my Hot, session List!
  • <33
  • I love marques Houston is lovely
  • usher
  • this guy is a pathetic RAPIST!! he raped the little boy from the movie "romeo and juliet"... don't listen to his songs or promote this sicko
  • Can't stop listen "Pullin' On Her Hair"! It's so addictive! pullin' on her hair, pullin', pullin' on her hair, pullin' on her hair, pullin', pullin' on her hair, pullin' on her hair, pullin', pullin' on her hair, pullin' on her hair, pullin', pullin' on her hair, pullin' on her hair, pullin', pullin' on her hair...(8)
  • Sunset ♥[2]
  • Sunset ♥
  • why the fuck stands this in the artist description in my scrobbler: "I'm a good artist, but I think you should listen to UniversaL Disciple .He's a positive rapper awesome dudes check him out yyaaaaahhhhhhh." wtf?!
  • love him.
  • Join[group]B2K fans[/group]
  • LOL
  • as much as it aint new,'that girl' still rocks
  • Pullin' On Her Hair (feat. Rick Ross) ♥
  • Pullin on ´er hair ... <3 Best ever made ...
  • the album is decent. marques deserves more attention
  • à quand la france ???
  • Swag Sex :)
  • matress music ♥
  • His new album is really good. It's fucked I have way too many stuff left which I gonna listen first.
  • He's underrated but I'm just glad he still makes music regardless.
  • Who has the real CIRCLE tune & video by Marques Houston please, as I can't find it on here? Bless...
  • Favorite Girl <3
  • Circle
  • -Pulling On Dat Hair!~ <3
  • checked it........ liked it.........its wut it is
  • Favorite Girl. aaaah ! I'm in love with this song <3
  • Exclusively is hot
  • I will see him live tomorrow!!!
  • damn, I love all of his tracks from the begining to now...keep doin ya thang cutie.
  • Everybody come check out my new album "The Recomencing of Ty Hannah" Leave your thoughts and make your suggestion o which other song you would like to see as a free download from the album, and it will happen, just let me know!! The people decide Lets Gooo!!!
  • Swag Sex (ft. Soulja Boy)♥
  • Liked him better when he was in Immature, Sorry :(
  • Love Mr. Houston...
  • keep up the good work! I like your sound.


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