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  • This Album Rocks <3 [8] My favorite <3
  • This Album Rocks <3 [7]
  • This Album Rocks <3 [6]
  • This Album Rocks <3 [5]
  • This Album Rocks <3 [4]
  • good sophomore album
  • Amo demais esse álbum.
  • Side A is incredible, Side B is decent. Their best LP.
  • This album is very good when you stop to listen to it really paying attention to its tracks. Especially its "extended" version, wich in total has 18 tracks.
  • This Album Rocks <3 [3]
  • This Album Rocks <3 [2]
  • This is their best yet!
  • This Album Rocks <3
  • EASILY their absolute BEST ALBUM...
  • I really like this album cover, haha.
  • And so it was here that Maroon 5 stepped down from their pedestal of "Songs About Jane" and actual music, and began to progressively descend into Pop stupidity. But at least this album around was still good.
  • <3
  • have this one
  • This is their best album! Amazing songs. ;)
  • their worst album imo
  • And ''Nothing Last Forever'' is good either:-)
  • All the song of this album, sounds so goooooooooooood!
  • I love this album!
  • Suriname loves it....................
  • Me too!:-) and Not Falling Apart, and Goodnight,Goodnight......
  • i cannot stop listen nothing lasts forever, someone help me! hahaha ):
  • Amo esse CD
  • Best album EVER!!!
  • My favorite album so far is Songs About Jane but this album has some exceptional summer hits. My favorite song off of it is 'Makes Me Wonder.' I think it is because it has some great memories behind it and some nostalgia-inducing elements that pertain to how my life is today. Who knows, that is just what it seems to be. Or more specifically the amount of times I listened to that song when I was back in fifth great multiplied by a lot of OTHER songs as well.
  • <3333
  • Fuck you, album, i almost dish maroon 5 as a band that "used to be good" but they're still good, hands all over proved it.
  • Losing My Mind ♥
  • this album has some great songs, but still, songs about jane is their best.
  • My fav.
  • Better than Hands All Over ♥
  • I think the soft songs on this album are too soft and that's why it's hard to listen all the way through, while HAO and SAJ had a nice middle balance of soft and strong <3
  • ♥Little Of Your Time ♥Kiwi♥
  • Little Of Your Time ♥
  • AMO esse CD *-*
  • ♥.♥
  • wake up call
  • couldn't help falling in love with every single track on this thing.
  • In live with this one
  • songs about jane is way better than this one
  • To me, some of the b-side tracks are better than the whole album.
  • I love the people who hate on this album. Nobody is forcing you to listen to it, so don't, and leave. This album is tied to some deep shit I was going through in 07', great album.
  • production value on here is SO bad to the point where i don't know whether to call it underproduced or overproduced.
  • My favourite of album of theirs.
  • Vw produced. That's the way it is.


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