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  • up town funk uptown funk you up
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • Sign to bring back the old Last FM ... This new one is missing to many of the features that made it good.
  • Please give some love to Daffodils, Kevin Parker is awesome in this
  • Love the song uptown funk.
  • low rent james brown
  • Рецензии и музыкальные обзоры. Обсуждаем хорошую музыку)
  • ''He is probably best-known for his collaboration with Bruno Mars''. Not more known for Valerie? Lmao
  • Version continua sendo o álbum da minha vida, clássico eterno ❤️
  • -- Video to I Can't Lose
  • Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do
  • На данный момент у него лучший поп-альбом года
  • Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) <3
  • Parasita de Bruno Mars.
  • why everyone just talks about uptown funk? the other songs/CDs of mark are incredible, that sad ::((((
  • I only know of Uptown Funk, but it sounds like a mix of Stevie WOnder and Michael Jackson...I might have to look into him more!
  • Uptown Funk sounds like Ohio Players
  • Goddamn, he's so handsome!
  • Am I the only one that notices that Leaving Los Feliz has the same exact melody as Usher's There Goes My Baby?
  • Uptown Funk: #1 song in the USA for 14 weeks!
  • Uptown Funk is cute but it ain't real funk. That's for damn sure.
  • Uptown Funk: #1 song in the USA for 13 weeks!
  • Feel Right video is coming soon. Bruno directed it.
  • UP, please???
  • uptown funk >> all
  • Its interesting
  • Get Lucky <3
  • Uptown Funk is like the best pop record released in a long while, overrated it is not.
  • Uptown Funk is overrated as hell, but I'm really glad it blocked Ed Sheeran's crap on Billboard hahaha Thinking Out Shit is one of the worst songs ever
  • Oh My God (feat. Lily Allen) ♥
  • Apaixonado por Uptown Funk.
  • Fix your tags please
  • I love Feel Right, but Uptown Funk is really annoying at times and Bruno completely jacks Nelly's style
  • Já chega né
  • 'I wanna kiss him-- he's so pretty!'
  • Tame Impala > Kevin Parker on Uptown Special. [2]
  • Just gonna state my opinions about something completely subjective as facts, cause personal preference=empirical data.
  • It's funny to see Meghan Trainor among D'Angelo, SBTRKT and Jessie Ware in the similar artists. She certainly doesn't belong with them.
  • 'Uptown Funk' - The most overrated song of the year. It's not bad, but it's been done better and way before most of these guys were born. It seems music is getting like movies lately; have you heard they remade 'Poltergeist'? Lots of remakes of older material that is inferior to the original.
  • Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) <3
  • I reckon Uptown Special is this year's Random Access Memories (i.e., it'll have one huge single, then nobody will give a shit about the rest of the album and it'll be quietly forgotten 6 months after release).
  • his album is so flat that I forget how it sounds after it finished...
  • This new record is the Bud Light of pop/funk. Didn't know we were in need of a new KC & the Sunshine Band so quickly.
  • Uptown funk a story of being born into prosperity and not having the ability to write true funk lyrics due to lack starvation, violence, racial hate and degradation. He is basically saying "I may not be from downtown but I can still write funk music" I may not have what you down towners have but I do own a heap of high tech recording instruments and everything at my finger tips that my parents provided for me, so shut up and have respect for my clinical uptown funk!
  • , those Kevin Parker tracks are epic. also, uptown funk is a rare ocassion on which one can resist the urge to stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus. solid album,
  • Similar artist: Meghan Trainor ???? how??
  • Tame Impala > Kevin Parker on Uptown Special.
  • Kevin Parker >>>> [5]


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