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  • A versão dela pra On The Floor ficou incrível ♥
  • Your Love ♥ ♥ ♥ I can see a new album with songs like that.. It would be amazing. <3
  • Miss Invisible ♥
  • Her japanese music is way ahead of her americans attempt, please keep on doing more album at it ^.^, my, such a sleeper hit of an album, love second home, can feel you, anyone interested in something alike, try out utada hikaru ASAP.
  • 涙そうそう and Gravity are pure amazingness
  • I love "Say It Again" <3
  • vote! :D
  • Beautiful voice~
  • ЯБЫВДУЛ!!!
  • I want a new album <3
  • It's not just 'Breathing Underwater'...Marié Digby is underrated.
  • Breathing Underwater is so underrated. [3]
  • Spell... Such an amazing song! I've fallen in love with it
  • Breathing Underwater is so underrated.
  • @vanhasadeadwish it's not good, it's awesome, epic, perfect, flawless, etc
  • <3
  • Breathing Underwater is a good album!
  • <33333333333333333
  • umbrella sz
  • hui
  • Feel ♥
  • 1.519.500 execuções (130.108 ouvintes) 1.001 execuções em sua biblioteca <3
  • I love Voice on the Radio ♥
  • @s84bu: Yes, Marié writes her own songs. For example,
  • I just discovered Marie Digby and I gotta say her songs are really nice and she has such meaningful and relatable lyrics. Does she write her own songs?
  • Breathing Underwater's first year anniversary ! <3
  • I love her Japanese covers <3
  • Your feelings are the one thing out of my control ♥
  • Breathing Underwater ♥
  • Come Find Me ♪ So amazing *-*
  • September 15 marks the 1 year release of Breathing Underwater. Let's make it a Marié play day :)
  • She's great. :)
  • Marie... had my eye on you since you covered What I've Done and Umbrella... Can you please put up LA (My Home) for listen or download here.. or somewhere else.... Much love, Ryan
  • she's great!
  • Breathing Underwater ♥
  • i love ur songs but i wanna hear more :)
  • Nice!!! :D
  • we want a new album!!!
  • I love her songs!!!
  • Marie Dibgy headlining Kollaboration Acoustic 4 Date: Friday August 27, 2010 @ the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood, CA Visit for more info !
  • love it !! i just moved to la
  • <3
  • I LOVE feel :) <3
  • I came across her youtube videos. I love her voice. 'Unfold' is such a beautiful song.
  • One of my fave albums ever = Breathing Underwater! Anyone watching the Marie Digby TV series on ABC?
  • Marie is Amazing. <3
  • <3
  • Daybreak<3
  • Hope she's having a great time making the japanese album, and we'll have an even greater time listening to it!


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