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  • One of the most underrated bands..ever <3
  • Would anyone be interested in buying my copy of "Let My Pride Be What's Left Behind"?
  • Hope is an incredible album. Acoustic Manchester Orchestra is best Manchester Orchestra.
  • Когда ж ты, Энди, так голос посадил?
  • It's amazing how wrong p4k was about these guys. They should probably just quietly delete those first 2 reviews and act like it didn't happen. Fucking idiots.
  • It's been 5 years, but seeing these guys live is still one of my most treasured memories.
  • So I just revisited Cope after months of not listening to it. Album blew me away. It is hard to believe that an album could go from being just good to amazing after months of not listening to it. I guess that just shows the genius that these guys have to offer.
  • God damn, orangemango27, there might be something to that.
  • these bloody yanks in't manc at all, cheeky buggers lyin to me
  • Anyone else notice that each album they've had over the years has had consistently less words in the album's title? I Brainstorm, You Brainstorm But Brilliance Needs a Good Editor to I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child to Mean Everything to Nothing to Simple Math to Cope.
  • Manchester Orchestra put on a super-intense performance at Toronto Riot Fest. My pics from the show are here:
  • COPE sounded repetitive as hell to me, probably because the guitars sound very similar, but HOPE was REALLY good. I guess I'll give COPE another chance.
  • I had mixed feelings about Cope, and then I heard Hope, which really brought forth the brilliance of the songs. So now, Cope has grown on me, but it would have been much better if they had combined both records into one, with contrasts between the hard/soft sounds.
  • I could truly love Cope if they remastered it with toned down guitars. But as it is, the guitars just overpower and ruin the songs. [2]
  • Heavypop Review:
  • Cope is so far one of my favorite album of the year ... and now HOPE ... that's the best gift they could give to fans. All the songs sound awesome in both ways.
  • HOPE...WOW!!!
  • Woah, HOPE is... Woah. So very chilling.
  • Between Cope and Hope there is a perfect album somewhere in there.
  • Hope is out!
  • oh God, really like them
  • I could truly love Cope if they remastered it with toned down guitars. But as it is, the guitars just overpower and ruin the songs.
  • sometimes very outstanding songs they sing
  • I reviewed Cope as part of 2014's Best Albums So Far. Click the link to read the review;
  • Virgin!! what an eargasm!!!!
  • gag
  • I love Cope...
  • годные
  • Bad Books II is what Cope should have been. So, at least we have that.
  • So crappy to see such a brilliant band release a shitty album like Cope...
  • I need to listen to this band a lot more. Shame on me...
  • reminds me Pavement
  • Vamos lá fãs brasileiros, ajudem a trazer o Manchester aqui para o Brasil!
  • Don't get me wrong, it can't hold a candle to VIrgin but it's a big step up from Simple Math imo
  • Cope is awesome. I wasn't sold on it at first but spun it a few times this weekend and it's grown on me big time. Listen to it one or two more times, it WILL grow on you.
  • Just gave these guys a chance. Glad I did, this is pretty awesome!
  • Pride (Y)
  • And this hahaha K i'm done
  • And watch this, holy shit
  • THIS ALBUM THO. It's classic, class-A MO. I think doubters just need to give it another spin or two with lyrics. Well lucky you guys, I've been working on collecting/fixing up good copies here:
  • The track Cope is solid and needs to be paired with Pride at live shows.
  • "Cope" is a huge disappointment such a shame
  • A few really great songs but it's all a bit repetitive. A few softer tracks or some longer tracks would have been great. A good album but easily their worst.
  • I am left wanting so much more from the latest album.
  • Also, I just wrote up a review for the album. Check it out if you want to-
  • Cope is the best straight forward rock album I've heard in a while
  • Love "Every Stone" so much
  • Pretty boring effort.
  • amazing new stuff. I hope if there is one thing I let go it is the way that we cope...


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