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  • Am I the only one who feels the last line from The First Degree ("to keep you close to me somehow") from Heavy Love should go on and on for at least a minute? Fuck, it sounds great.
  • Dahlia EP, mate the shit
  • Heavy Love is right up there with real talk for me. Great new album.
  • By far the worst band I've ever had to sit through.
  • i love this band more than i love myself
  • New album is the best since Real Talk
  • crying about girls
  • One of my fav pop punk bands.
  • One of my fav pop punk bands.
  • Heavy Love is so awesome!! i'm so in looove! Now That You're Home, Borderline and A Love That I Can't Have are soooo good!
  • Liking the new record.
  • New album is a throwback, takes me back to Real Talk.
  • A Love That I Can't Have the best song by far
  • Heavy Love is awesome. Cliffhanger, Splinter and Borderline are pure love.
  • i feel like i need to listen to this album 20 more times to find something compelling enough to consider listening to it in the future
  • Don't really like the new album. They were never a thrilling band but there are just zero memorable tracks on this record
  • i really like these guys but i'll never get why they need 3 guitars............
  • wrote about seeing these dudes in Leeds the other night
  • That Senses Fail cover tho.
  • Pizza
  • Defend Pop Punk
  • обожаю вас,самый классный поп панк
  • FINALMENTE PORRAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111 BRASIL ♥
  • Man, I fucking love you dudes.
  • ♥♥♥♥♥
  • <333
  • probably the crew of people who think singing about your feelings + guitars = emo. it happens to almost every band like this. you eventually get used to it.
  • Who tagged this band as emo? I don't mind Man Overboard, but in no way are they emo.
  • v top kek.
  • but neither is against me
  • dude transphobia isn't cool
  • v lmao i bet rfuv is also some transgender weirdo
  • Its shit automatically because they signed for Rise. Wahhh I'm a faggot [2]
  • "lame ass band" yet you have more against me scrobbles than i can count. hilarious.
  • y'all fucking suck. lame ass band. lol opening for all time low, they deserve that.
  • <33
  • ничего необычного
  • ну так средненько
  • "once they signed to Rise, they went down the toilet" Every band that has ever signed to that label
  • Everyone on here seems to talk about how they're dicks (or used to at least) but I hung out with them at the bar after their show for a bit and they seemed fine to me
  • I think the self titled is my favorite.
  • This confused me.
  • I like their riffs but the vox are really weak sometimes.
  • Once their music seeps into your heart and mind, you start to realize how amazing this band really is.
  • Self titled was good, as was Transit's L & F, but Transit kicked that sound to the curb, and Man Overboard wrong a quite a few below average songs on HA
  • I too felt as though there was a drop in quality from both MO & Transit on this year's albums. Neither band is releasing BAD music however, it's just that the Self Titled & Listen & Forgive were superior to these new releases.
  • Its shit automatically because they signed for Rise. Wahhh I'm a faggot
  • newest album seems pretty good to me
  • I love the music, it just took me a while to get used to the singer.
  • Sadly I kind of agree with AnyColorWant, both groups lost their quality.


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