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  • III is kinda disappointing considering how long it took to come out. shoot the dice and summa time (which dropped years ago) are the only true standouts.
  • Keep coming back to 808's III. Friendzone blessed this shit.
  • Yep, really digging 808s 3. Shimmering dreamy production...
  • Friendzone killed it on Perfect Skies and Chuch
  • pretty gud
  • spoken jewels is tits!
  • 808s iii came out gorgeous omg definitely worth the wait
  • New album = flames
  • main attrakionz answering your questions about the new album:
  • I trust my four corner room before I trust a god
  • the album is fire. godddblessfriendzone.
  • shoot the dice is fire, soon our wait will be rewarded.
  • new song is fire flamez cant wait to hear more friendzone produced chill tracks
  • 808s iii on april.
  • Friendzone Not gonna try to predict release dates anymore till its 200% guaranteed.. Just secured a record deal for 808s 3 tho. Signing contracts next week. Hooked up with new management this week too. Same ppl that work for Skrillex... Been making sure this new record gets a proper release. Gonna print vinyl and go on tour w/ MAz... Also got a couple albums worth of instrumental music basically ready to be mastered, and been working with Mykki Blanco and a couple other ppl on some new projects too.. feeling very confident atm -Dylan From FZ Facebook.
  • Are these dudes on hiatus? Twitter page been wiped of it's tweets, nothing on FB been posted for a year, Mondre going solo, Squadda being gone from social media...
  • Sex in The City >>>
  • yeah dark grapes is coming january 2014 : DDD Early summer release : DDD I'm giving up on this shit.
  • perfect skies one of my fav tracks
  • Bossalinis & Fooliyones pt 2 sample is from Glasser - Treasury of We. Boom
  • Just dropped a new tape and one of the instrumentals I made for Main Attrakz is on there
  • second tune especially is a classic.
  • i think zoned out mackin is their best song
  • what song is sampled on Bossalinis & Fooliyones pt 2? it sounds really familiar
  • "wen we gon hear some new stuff?" When do MA'z not have new stuff out tbh
  • Need new stuff soon
  • man this go hard.
  • Squadda's new tape Back to Playtime is on the way, Mondre just dropped They Say I Struggle Rap, Squadda's instrumental tape is due in the new year as is 808s III
  • wen we gon hear some new stuff?
  • "FRXXMASONS x DVVOSKDOCTV" should be indicted for war crimes, don't click that link.
  • you can't hate you can't hate chuch
  • spaceship music is so good
  • v Well that was cancerous if i have ever seen some.
  • ooooh
  • Is there a release date for 808s & Dark Grapes III?
  • best duo ever
  • summa time go hard af.
  • chuch<3
  • summa time is great
  • They are awful.
  • women we chase (c&S) is 2 amazin smh
  • Am I the only one that finds their cloud rap really good, but their normal stuff kinda boring?
  • ?
  • Can't wait for the new tape. [2] And yes, it's 808s & Dark Grapes III.


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