• Bloody Marvellous!

    16 Jul 2008, 23:16 de GilbertTravesty

    What a fab albumn. If you love music for the festive season this one has to come highly recommended. There are eighteen free tracks (free!!!) and I would argue that they are a truly excellent selection with captivating melodies and intelligent lyrics, combined to express the real meaning of Christmas. I genuinely urge you to take a listen and, if you think it's as good as I do, download it and if you feel so inclined, Pass It On. that's what the guys ask us to do and I for one support the sentiment.


    Ring Out!


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  • Simon and Garfunkel in Sedgley?

    22 Ene 2008, 21:11 de Baisy

    I first found this albumn at Woven Wheat Whispers as a free download and I was thrilled when I found it here as well. Different reviewers have independently compared Maeran with Simon and Garfunkel and whilst I think these guys have their own special style, especially as they are English, not American, I have to agree. I love their arrangements and their brill lyrics and there is definitely something of the S&G influence in their work. There is more though and the musical range they offer is impressive.

    It's really great to find that vocal harmonies coupled with original, varied and highly listenable melodies can still be found in modern music and I'd recommend this albumn to anyone who wants to listen. But you don't have to agree with me - have a listen and see what you think.


    A Leaf Stains the Wind
    A Leaf Stains The Wind