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  • Paradise Lost... an initial review

    8 May 2007, 23:05 de VikingR

    It's been nearly five years since Symphony X released The Odyssey. The anticipation among fans has been almost palpable. Mike and co. have taken their time writing Paradise Lost, and having seen a wide scale leaked release on Monday 7th May 2007, the general consensus so far is that the painstaking care has paid dividends.

    The style has changed again, whilst retaining the distinctive Symphony X magic. Gone are the darkened bone-cruncher riffs of Wicked and Incantations Of The Apprentice; there is no sweeping epic in sight, nor seamless concept piece. What we are presented with is an incredible furore of all that is good about power, progressive and symphonic metal wrapped up into a sweet 60 minute package. The sheer energy of this album is almost incomprehensibly massive, as though every second since 2002 has been captured and suddenly released in an unparalleled blast of metal triumph.
    Symphony X school the majority of power metal bands out there, while still proving they are a leading force in the progressive field. …
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  • Wastefall

    17 Jun 2006, 17:23 de VikingR

    Not sure how many people have heard of this excellent band from Greece, but Wastefall are one of the most exciting progressive metal bands around at the moment.

    They have just released their third album, Self Exile, following up 2004's Soulrain 21. The music is influenced by many different styles with the broad description of progressive metal covering Wastefall's unique blend of beautiful, heavy and thoughtful metal: there are power and thrash elements in the more aggressive songs, right next to slower-paced, moving ballads. This album has female vocals on a couple of tracks too - notably on The Muzzle Affection which work incredibly well.

    If you're a Pain of Salvation fan and not up your own arse, then you'll probably also like Wastefall. There are vocal similarities with fellow countrymen Fragile Vastness also, but don't let these comparisons fool you into thinking that Wastefall are a clone of either.

    People who enjoy more popular prog such as Dream Theater, Queensrÿche, Symphony X