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  • Thank you for five years and 5000 of the bestest plays. Still favorite!
  • The mix between Japanese and English titles of and tags for the albums of this group is a fucking mess. Screws up index because of duplicate albums.
  • qt grill
  • Even though the band supposedly disbanded, on their [url=]English site[/url], there are tour dates that match up with the 2015 calendar, so are they still performing or am I just not reading their site correctly? It also lists Chiemi Ishimoto as an official member, so maybe she rejoined the band and they're now touring as a duo for the time being. Hopefully that means there's a chance they'll start making new music together, but who knows.
  • Thanks david, forgot to check back on this shoutbox. Your suggestions are noted! :))
  • World World is yours is their best
  • skabetty is a pretty sad song tbh
  • skabetty!
  • i love MOFD so much! their self titled EP is probably my favorite.
  • @davidwave4 thanks for this
  • @expiry223 Here are a few suggestions: school food punishment (!!) Ling tosite sigure (!!) tricot (!!!) The cabs Amazarashi Haisuinonasa The Novembers
  • Is there anything else like this out there? Energetic but dreamy, occasionally noisy yet never without pop/melodic sensibility? I'd love to hear your suggestions. Especially anything that sounds like their self titled...
  • rip
  • if anyone knows where i can get my hands on a shirt please message/shoutbox me
  • Man, this band was great.
  • there are few things in life more painful than knowing that i will never see them live or hear new music from them
  • 青い、濃い、橙色の日 <3
  • Damn shame they disbanded..
  • Delusionalism <3 Why they had to quit ;_;
  • Absolutely love this band!
  • Reunion + European tour when?
  • Still haven't found a similar band that has such a high energy in most of their songs. Also, I am glad to see 'After this Speed' is #8..could go a bit higher of their best!
  • quickly becoming one of my fav bands. reminds me of DGD if thats a weird connection idk guitar wise they are post hxc to me
  • why did they have to break up :(((((
  • "I'd prefer the tags going by their Japanese name rather than the all caps abomination going on right now. " <- Now voting the japanese tags to merge with this page.
  • This band never released any vinyl, did they? :(
  • for some reason they kinda remind me of the japanese version luscious jackson with a touch of jesus and mary chain
  • post wave
  • обожаю
  • more like shoe gays
  • >shoegaze
  • "I'd prefer the tags going by their Japanese name rather than the all caps abomination going on right now. " [url=]You[/url] [url=]what[/url] [url=]mate[/url]?
  • Does anyone know what equipment they used? Particularly Chiemi, like guitar, pedals, or amp?
  • >implying
  • <3
  • I find katakana to represent english words even uglier.
  • ひきずるビート is such a great song! I don't understand why it isn't even in the top 15.
  • Never considered them to be shoegaze. Great band, though!
  • Unlike jenkem, this band isn't shit.
  • Is this band a jenkem reference?
  • Miyamoto Natsuko (Vocals/Bass) in a live thing with a girl with an accordion.
  • Fuck, listening to motfd makes me wish I stuck to it when I tried to learn Japanese ;-;
  • Bloody hell I need a fix bad.
  • "this is out of topic but can anyone recommend some good japs shoegaze" Here are some albums I recommend - Texas Pandaa - DAYS, Lemon's Chair - I Hate? I Hope?, Tokyo Shoegazer - Crystallize, Nanocycle - Something's Burning, Kinoko Teikoku - Uzi ni Naru, CLAMS - s/t and Sphere - Syvyys. All excellent albums and well worth checking out.
  • anyone have a link for zero comma?
  • I won't be able to listen to anything else for a while.
  • these cats have made themselves immortal by recording all-time favorites such as "World is yours" or the self-titled album. I´ll probably never have the opportunity to see them life, but hell, that´s why I´m enjoying their music even more.
  • such an amazing band. too bad they broke up :(
  • Guachita rica dame un crio <3


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