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Lycaon es una banda visual kei formada en enero del 2008

Vocal: 悠希 (Yuuki)
Guitarra: リト (Rito) ( ジャガー → Lycaon )
Guitarra: サトシ (Satoshi) ( Amulet* → Lycaon )
Bajo 緋遊 (Hiyuu) (ジュリエット→Lycaon)

Bajo: 美央 (Mio) ( Amulet* → Lycaon)
Bateria: Eve ( Puppet Mammy → holic → Lycaon )


- Maxi-Single 「RED RUM」
- Maxi-Single 「Sad/Sick:ness」
- Mini-Album 「Ambrozia」
- Maxi-single 「Chains of…

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  • I fell in love so much with this band and their disband really makes me sad ;-;
  • mfg Lycaon why disband??! @.@ is there no hope for vk scene .. enormous amount of great vk bands disbanded x>x grr.. btw please don't redirect me from fullwidth characters to this tag. fullwidth tag is right one since asian use fullwidth insted of our chara, so that tag is ok and we can separate artist easier. don't flag this right and fullwidth unright. T_T
  • I would say 4-5 years too late. [2]
  • Terrible band
  • r.i.p
  • Disband ç.ç
  • I would say 4-5 years too late.
  • 7 years too late
  • Lycaon to disband on 2015/11/06 @ 赤坂BLITZ

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