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  • what a poser
  • its interesting, why recommends Ludwig van Beethoven for me О_о
  • Ludwig van Beethoven On Tour haha :D
  • wow he's on tour ^^^
  • on tour, haha, euri lol
  • Yeah it's his farewell tour :P
  • on tour. haha.. the lovely lovely ludwig van <3
  • This guy's my best friend right here =D
  • on tour lol
  • this sick raver is on tour alright!!!! he was at the syndicate night club with judge jules and DJ tiesto last month.
  • he made the best soundtrack ever
  • Moonlight Sonata make me cry =D
  • Good old Ludvig Van, possibly the best classical composer ever?
  • Ludwig van Beethoven is the best.[2]
  • Neither Mozart nor Чайковский (Tchaikovsky), Ludwig van Beethoven is the best.
  • Number 5 is mesmerizing. :)
  • 'van' should NOT be capitalized. :/
  • I will raise him from the dead!
  • nice tunes.. thanks man
  • Yo dawg, when's the next tour gonna be? You've been pretty inactive for a while. Get on that!
  • When we all lose any bias towards music either from fashion, peer pressure or because of the media programming that is dumbing down successive generations, then all people can begin to fully appreciate works of true genius like LVB. Music that is life enhancing and spiritual. Rock on Ludvig Van.
  • Happy belated birthday, buddy :]
  • This dude was an f-ing genius. Cant wait til he comes to my town on his tour :)
  • Auguri per il Tuo 238esimo compleanno, Ludwig!!!!!
  • He innovated for a long time within the style of his era (Mozart, Haydn), eventually finding it necessary to break radically through the limits of that style to forms of expression that were more meaningful to him, forms that had not existed before his efforts. That's the arc of the great artists/composers. Afterward others come along and say "Oh, I'd never thought of that. Maybe I can work within this new style".
  • whens the next single coming out
  • HBD MAESTRO !!! :D
  • All i can think is a clockwork orange
  • Fur Elise just brings back happy memories from when i was a kid.
  • Awesome.
  • Another spiffing tune
  • Lindo, bjus a todos
  • :)
  • No. 6 does it for me. Ever since I was a kid - probably Fantasia's fault.
  • Man i loved your show here in New York ,come back soon!
  • oh yes, legend
  • Who is this dude? He's totally stuck in the 80s.
  • Beethoven is great, i love it. Sorry for breaking the chain of retardeded commentators trying to be funny btw
  • @ Seavas: nice.
  • music for deaf people
  • muito fodaaaa
  • My favorite is his Symphony No. 7, Allegretto, it is simply majestic!!
  • When's he gonna fuckin' tour, man?
  • join if your sick of ignorant people and just want to share and discuss music without having to listen to them
  • I think he sounded best when he was with Deaf Jam Records.
  • Awesome, thanks alot Shade of God. DA DA DA DUUUN. :D
  • This shit ist krieg!!! METHUL!!


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