• My 2006 Compilation

    23 Nov 2006, 21:54 de stealthmunchkin

    I've decided to put together a compilation of the music I've been listening to in 2006. This is always tricky for me, as I've almost never listened to much music in the year it came out - stuff takes a while to grow on me. As a result, most of the 'recent' stuff on here is from about 2000. However, a lot of this is music I've only really grown to love this year. To hear it, download the zip file from here. Watch out - it's big (128mb).

    This was meant to be about the length of a single CD, but there's just too much stuff to cut down to that length - this is nearly two hours.

    Meant For You should be the opening track of every CD ever. Only 40 seconds long, it's just a gorgeous little Brian Wilson sketch.

    Think Carefully For Victory is the opening track of Citizen Gomez by my own band The National Pep, our first EP. I've had the music knocking around for years, but this is the first time it's been done justice. It's an attempt to be The Beatles and The Flying Burrito Brothers at the same time…
  • Bottom 20

    29 Oct 2006, 23:28 de stealthmunchkin

    I've seen a few people on last.fm talk about their top ten tracks, as shown by the site. It struck me that it might be interesting to look at the less-listened to tracks. Everyone knows The Beach Boys and The National Pep are good, but what about more obscure stuff? So I've looked at the bottom of my overall charts, and picked out the twenty lowest ones I have on my computer (as opposed to stuff I've listened to via streaming radio or off CDs), and playlisted them. I may do this every week, and post it both to my LJ and to my last.fm account. I may not have much to say about some of these, which may explain why they're at the bottom of the list. But at least they're tracks where Holly won't keep complaining I always play them...

    18,000 Lira . This song makes almost no impression on me. It sounds like pretty much everything else they do - punky, with an interesting but limited vocalist. To be honest, it sounds like the kind of thing my old band Stealth Munchkinmight have done had we had more of a sense of humour. …